Famous former Marines.


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Gene Hackman, Burt Reynolds, Captain Kangaroo(no not kidding),Jim Lehrer,R. Lee Ermey(DUH!), Ed McMahon, Montel Williams, John Glenn, Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman, Drew Carey.

There are more and I will post them when I get them and I would like you guys to post more if you find them and even those from other branches as long as it wasn't just a tour of service they must be veterans, marines, or something interesting like Jimmi Hendrix being Airborne.
Lee Marvin did enlist in the U.S. Marines, saw action as Private First Class in the Pacific during World War II, and was wounded (in the buttocks) by fire which severed his sciatic nerve. However, this injury occurred during the battle for Saipan in June 1944, not the battle for Iwo Jima, which took place several months later, in February 1945. (Marvin also did receive a Purple Heart, and he is indeed buried at Arlington National Cemetery.)
Yea I was going to make a thread about this a while back, I guess I never got around to it.

Lee Harvery Oswald and Charles Whitman were both Marines. When I first started thinking about that, I was trying to figure out why Marines were nutcases, but then I realized it was vice-versa. These men joined the Marines because they were nutcases, and the kind of men they were certainly would have an appeal towards the Marines.

Come to think of it, Timothy McVeigh and John Muhammad (am I the only one that sees the irony in that name?) were (as they both recieved the death penalty) ex-Army.

My kinda off topic two cents.
Steve McQueen

In April, 1947 he enlisted, just a month after his seventeeth birthday.

Steve was not a model soldier at first. He was sentenced to fourty-one days in the brig (the first twenty-one on bread and water) for allowing a weekend pass to drag into two weeks and then fighting with the shore patrol when they went to pick him up. He would redeem himself later on, however.

During a training excercise in the Arctic, a transport ship struck a sandbank and flung several tanks and their crews into the freezing water. Many Marines drowned immediately, unable to get out of their tanks. McQueen jumped into the Actic water personally saved the lives of five men, who were almost frozen to death. For this act of heroism Steve McQueen was chosen to be part of the Honor Guard protecting Harry S. Truman's yacht.

He was honorably discharged April, 1950.


Glenn Ford. USMC. Discharged after WWII. Entered U. S. Navy, became Commander.
Sterling Hayden. USMC. During war was recruited and joined OSS. (Later CIA.) Worked for Bill Donovan, head of OSS.
He was in the Service, enlisted in 1943, served honorably, and was discharged. Don Knotts. Army. Rumored to have been USMC. He wasn't.
Audie Murphy, first applied to USMC, not accepted, went into Army. Still most decorated soldier.
John McIlhenney. General USMC. Creator of ......Tabasco Sauce. Name is still on bottle, family still owns it. Created it while serving in Trenches in WW I.
Fred Smith. General Retired. USMC. Owner, CEO, and president. FEDEX.
Stephen Roosevelt son of Franklin Delanore. Served with Carlson's Raiders, participated in Makin Island raid.
Ted Williams, Major, USMC, Baseball Player. Son had him frozen (cryo-genics) then died. Ted was a Pilot. WWII and Korea.
Gene Hackman was a corporal by the way.
Ken Norton.
Leon Sphinx
Montel Williams
George C Scott. 4 year enlistment. 1945. Yep General patton hisself.
Nick Adams
Don Adams. (Get Smart)
Christopher George.
The lis is endless. Semper Fi.
What was George C. Scott's rank? Considering the movie performance he's gotta be an officer. Wow the man's performance and the resemblence was amazing. Best DVD buy that I've made.

Thanks in advance
Hardly likely.

Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N Hatchcock. White Feather.
Second most prolific sniper in the world, and the Marine Corps. Still holds record at 93 confirmed, one with a 50.cal at 2500 yards.
I worked with him, and was there when he bought it. I don't think I will forget him.
For the record Sgt Chuck Mawhinney was, and is, first at 103 confirmed kills.
More famous or well know Marines:
Clu Gulager
John Donald Imus (Imus in the morning)
James Franciscus
Brian Keith
Brian Dennehy
George Peppard
Jonathon Winters
Lee Trevino and Tug McGraw.
The Everly Brothers Don, and Phil
And so it goes.