Does the "Fire only when fired at" law make sense?

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RnderSafe said:
silent driller said:
I agree with the Israli policy. Anyone who levels a gun in my direction is gonna get his ass blasted!

Talk is cheap.

Agree RnderSafe..

It's easy to be a "cool guy" here and say stuff like that, but try to encounter situations like that in real life and see if you can back up what you just said!...
Try to do some more thinking before you post comments like this in the future!!

Well, id have to say that it would take more guts to not shoot back in some cases. I am not sure I could let some one point a gun at me and not shoot him...
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sherman105 said:
Well, id have to say that it would take more guts to not shoot back in some cases..

My comment was not ment towards shooting or not, but towards his "bust-a-cap-in-his-ass" attitude..
I don't think he (or most others as well) would have that kind of an attitude in a real life threatening situation..
"You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk!?....."....
That "return fire" rule cannot be applied everywhere. Here in Israel we have huge problems with it, not just because sometimes terrorist are using civilians as cover(and when civs get killed=mass media hysteria and scandals), but also because some soldiers just cant kill a human.

P.S Anybody seen the movie "Rules of Engagement". Nice film, its exactly about our topic.
Rules of Engagement was a great movie and I think that it shows a great example of the problems that military face when they are under those circumstances and is a great example of this forum
Indeed it is a movie that explains the situation here...althaugh i dont think its ALWAIS like that...
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sherman105 said:
I dont care how young the bastard is. Once he points a gun at you, he is a combatent, and should be shot, stabbed, run over blown apart or what ever is nessesary to defend your self.

I agree, also if ever fired upon always fire at least double the rounds at the poor bastard and show the enemy who is boss. Like in Swift Silent & Surrounded. (once i get the link for it i'll post it)
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