Do you have facial hair?

Do you have facial hair?

  • Nope

    Votes: 13 20.6%
  • yeah but I shave.

    Votes: 33 52.4%
  • yeah,a moustache

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • yup,just a goatee

    Votes: 5 7.9%
  • yeah man I got a beard.

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • other (explain)

    Votes: 8 12.7%

  • Total voters
No I don't thank god, and hopefully it will never grow.;-)

LMAO well this female hates it!!

Clean shaven men are always very cute. LOL
Interesting...I just took off my goatee...Ill post a picture when I get back to my house. Im on vacation. Ill also put up a "before" picture with it. Ladies tell me what you think.
I have none and better not ever get any. LOL

I love facial hair on most guys as long as they keep it nicely trimmed. No ZZ Top beards!! LOL
lol.. problem is I like to look.. antique :lol: like men from the past, 15- to early 20th centuries. 8) dont know, just like the style. Like the guy in my sig for example. But I guess thats not very attractive now a days :lol:
Well you know there are those women out there that like that sort of thing :sarc:

So honey you just never know :lol:

LMAO antique love it! Must remember that one.

Plus your young honey, no worries, you will be beating them off with a stick. (That is a phrase only hehehehee)
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lol, that was good to hear ^_^

but I wonder if those sort of women out there that like that sort of thing really do interest me :lol:
only time i shave regularly is when school is in and i have to be clean for ROTC. but right now during the summer, i just shave whenever i feel like it, which is once every couple weeks, so it takes a little bit(electirc hair clippers) to get rid of it all.
MightyMacbeth said:
there shall come a time, where I will shave all my head ^_^ not the brows ofcourse heh..

Now honey thats getting a wee bit carried there LMAO!
Yeah your right honey, But if you have money well that helps too.LMAO.

All joking aside there's some one out there for everyone, no matter if you have facial hair or not.:love: