Do you have facial hair?

Do you have facial hair?

  • Nope

    Votes: 13 20.6%
  • yeah but I shave.

    Votes: 33 52.4%
  • yeah,a moustache

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • yup,just a goatee

    Votes: 5 7.9%
  • yeah man I got a beard.

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • other (explain)

    Votes: 8 12.7%

  • Total voters
Ok the list is Good Looks, Education, Money, Money, Money and oh Money!!!

And the last piece of the puzzle is the man being submissive, to she who must be obeyed!!!!


**Yeah but those rule's all go out the window if your Tom :oops: **
Shaved head acctually gets me more compliments than my normal hair...I get the Jarhead cut. Its not completely shaved.But girls have an alarming tendency to rub it...for "good luck" on a test they already had or something...
Got the crew hair and longest sideburns. heh. My sideburns has been reached my jaws. heh. I believe I am longest sideburns in this
I used to have the sideburns going all the way down my jawline to my goatee. Check my myspace picture with the caption "Plato JR"
Clean cut until I retire, then I will get the goatie and long ass sideburns. :) That will look funny with a bald head.
^^Not really...Randy Blythe, the lead singer for Lamb of God, has long sideburns and a goatee and it looks rather good. Google doesnt have any pictures of him bald yet...He shaved his head.
lol, I want to have a moustache like Stalin :lol: jk

but I really like that moustache below:

Really need something like it, and a goatee 8) I would rock, obviosuly ^_^
LMAO! Guys your going from bad to worst. :bang:

Sideburns and moes! :shock:

Whats wrong with being clean shaven hmmmmm????
Nothing, but after a 20 year military career...... I just want to see what it looks like.. Doesn't mean I will keep it... I just want to see...