Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

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PLA drilling pictures....Not martial arts....
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Today the new Chinese FAS (Fast Attack Ship) is launched:




newly launched (FFG 527)Jiangwei II
AsianAmerican, god, that concept picture is really cool, i got my eyes stared :D

This is T99:

This is the new military jeep YongShi concept photo:


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I'm interested... which picture was Doc talking about when he said "Boy she was realy a good looking women FlyingFrog! Very Happy Wink " ?? :D
I think that's a little off topic so I think you should create a topic of that in the Military technologies section.
Boy are these Chinese obsessed with blinding opponents.
Imagine your unit got captured with that weapon in their hands and the guys have buddies who are blind now. They're not going to let you live. They'll tie you up and have you get stabbed to death by a blind guy.
At your service.

Or if China provides plenty of prisoners as usual, we can send them all back - blind as a bat. Hope they have fun learning braile.
Oh, it feels so good to see the Lavi fly.... :D (just kidding, dont get mad FF)

Not at all. Lavi was already dead decades ago.

This is J-10, nothing to do with a dead Lavi :lol:

Got the air intake of a eurofighter, cockpit shape of a Su-27 and looks nothing like the twin engined fighter in the diagrams.