Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Type 95, and Type 98 Sniper Rifle......




I've always wondered, what is the advantage of having the clip mounted behind the trigger like we are seeing on lots of more recently developed weapons?

Can some of you inform me what is teh advantage of Bull-Pup design? It seems hard to reload by looking at it.
I think it justs allows for a longer barrel with less overall length, incerasing the muzzle velocity, essentially making it smaller with better range.
godofthunder9010 said:
I've always wondered, what is the advantage of having the clip mounted behind the trigger like we are seeing on lots of more recently developed weapons?

I think it's just a silly fashion that will fade away.. later.
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No, but seriously, back on topic:


Is that an American superviser teaching them? This pic came off a WWII site.

That picture was not PLA army in Korea, please don't post those BS pic in this Thread :lol:

Back to PLA:

China police to keep Haiti peace

29 September, 2004

China is due to deploy riot police in Haiti next month, as part of a United Nations peacekeeping mission.
This is China's highest profile overseas mission to date.

On Wednesday, the recruits showed off their skills at a newly-built training centre south of Beijing, marching in formation in their blue UN helmets.

Their mission is to help Haiti's police force cope with devastating floods which are thought to have killed some 2,000 people in the last two weeks.

An advance party of 30 Chinese police officers has already left for Haiti, with the rest of the 125-member team due to arrive in early October.

Officials at the Beijing training centre said the troops' role was to supervise Haitian police, maintain order and help to rebuild the judicial system.

"According to the information we have received from the UN, lately the Haiti police organisation has been really damaged," said Zhao Xiaoxun, captain of the riot police unit.

"The most important thing is to train the local police," he told Reuters news agency.

Higher profile

In the past, China has been accused of contributing less than its fair share to international missions, especially as it is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Tan Jun, who heads the peacekeeping division at China's ministry of public security, said of the Haiti deployment: "This shows we're making great contributions in the peacekeeping units of the UN.

"I believe China will make even greater contributions to UN peacekeeping missions in the future," he added.

The move could also be a chance for Beijing to gain influence in the developing world, at the expense of its rival, Taiwan, observers say.

China views Taiwan as part of its territory, and has threatened to invade it if the island ever declares independence.

Haiti, as well as about 20 other countries, maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan rather than China.




PLA Nuke related Pictures:

PLA: Sub launched ICBM:
So the PLA is the whole military of China? Basically instead of having a seperate Army, Air Force, Navy they just have one group, right?
Chocobo_Blitzer said:
They look like they're training to me!


But your picture in this PLA thread is misleading, dammn we are all yellow mongol races :lol:

Back to Topic before Redleg comes :twisted:

I've done Tae Kwon Do since I was 12 so that's 10 years on and off. Moving around so much and other commitments never let me be a black belt. Agghh.... Though I can kick the crap out of a crapload of them. I did get a silver medal in a small tournament so I guess that's something.
Some of the kicks you learn in Tae Kwon Do are useful but in a fight, it's usually 70% hands. Not to mention, Krav Maga also involves kicking but the techniques are simpler and they hit harder. No crazy fancy stuff. Very straight forward and effective. Never will you find yourself in a position of anything near an awkward balance.
Not to say Tae Kwon Do is useless. Far from that actually. Because I can kick well, my brother who did boxing can't get close to me because not only is my reach better, but it's pretty fast and very accurate. But fights often do get ugly, especially against multiple opponents.
Anyways everyone has their own opinions.
You should try Krav Maga though, if anything, for just a month. You won't be disappointed.

Snauhi said:
the_13th_redneck said:
I have learned Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga and Aikido.
I recommend Krav Maga for anyone who isn't interested in his opponent's welfare. And if you want to learn Tae Kwon Do, make sure it's the old one that isn't Olympic Tae Kwon Do. Turning it into an Olympic sport ruined the whole thing.... urgh.
Once I recover from my little knee thing I'll be getting back into Krav Maga again.

Damien435 said:

Every Marines learns Tae Kwan Doe(sp?) now, that is every normal Marine, if their is such a thing. And they don't need to use that kung fu stuff to break five bricks, they just hit them and the bricks break, no wasting 2 minutes to choose the spot to hit, not warm up motions, preparing yourself so you can hit the perfect spot, just punch and they shatter, plain and simple.

i have been training Taekwondo for like 1 year now, and i can say that taekwondo is really good for your feet, but if you want to hit hard with your hands then go boxing