Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

This is outrageus! :evil:
What's next? Chinese conc. camps...... :evil:
Not even nazis & soviets did that kind of cruelty.....
It's like I said before, China #1!

Though if the technology was around then, I bet the Nazis and/or Soviet union would have used it in a heartbeat.
Chocobo_Blitzer said:
It's like I said before, China #1!

Though if the technology was around then, I bet the Nazis and/or Soviet union would have used it in a heartbeat.

China N#1 what? Cruel? I don't think so.
I think USA N#, check this pic, how Japans got nuked by USA by Atom bomb, that's cruel:

Of course if Nazi got the nukes, they would use it, If Russians got it, they would have used it against nazi's, if Chinese got it, they would use it against japans, but finally, Americans used it against japane.
Yet..... :D

I didn't say China deserved it, I said what did those soldiers deserve to be permanently blinded? That's sadism. :?
Do you have any specifications for this badboy such has its maximum range the type of laser it has etc. I would like to know about this deadly weapon. :p
It's not funny! :evil:
Some people are going to be crippled for the rest of their lifes, and you're making fun of that??????????????? :evil:
What if you were the guy that was lasered by that gun? HUH? It wouldn't be that funny for you.....
Why did japans deserve the nuke bombing?
They started with conventional weapons and the others had to gone to continue the like weapons.But whenever Americans get hard somethings then they prefer easy ways.
This is a traditional of American.Look at Iraq, The aircrafts of American are bombing houses without separate the innocents.Why do not Americans prefer to use infantries? Who is fearful? Who is coward? Who is cruel?
The Atomic Bombs in Japan actually saved lives if you look at the Historical Perspective. Japan is a proud nation and their fighting ethic is one of the strongest in the world. An outright marine landing and subsequent invasion would have been costly in lives on both sides of the conflict. The Japanese totally believe in a victory or death policy which was proven during the Marine Corps' island hopping campaign in the South Pacific. If the Enola Gay and Boch's Car didnt make those faithful flights in the late summer of '45 then I believe the inevitable battle that would have ensued would have been the bloodiest in all of history.
Actually there are more than a few infantry units in Iraq. The use of close air support for these infantry units is called Close Air Support (CAS).The problem you run into is when the enemy takes refuge among the civilian populace without regard for the safety of said civilians (such as is happening now in Iraq). Then when it is necassary to engage said enemy in improved positions by use of combined arms yes civilians get hurt. But the enemy chose to use the civilians as a shield and put them in danger.A United States Marine Corps or Army Infantry unit will go extreme measures to include taking casualties themselves to prevent civilian causalties. Unfortunately our enemies currently do not have the same agenda.
Has far as deployment of the atomic bomb on Japan was concerned. It was deemed the best option for ending the war in light of an estimated one millon casualties for the Allied forces an twice that for the Japanese both military and civilian if the Japanese Home Islands were invaded by a conventional force.
I heard the samething...

what Caffein just said. I had a frind who was machine guner for General Pattan's group. he said he would've been sent to Japan if not the nukes. He told me army estimate casualties on first wave attack were 50%-65%, not counting Japanese lives.
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Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

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