Chinese PLA Army Drilling Pictures

Chinese Armed Police guarding Asian Cup 2004 (now held in China):



PLA soldiers marriages in Tibet:

Today 1 Augustus is PLA's birthday.

Aug 1st PLA HK Garrison parade:
That's a lotta damn photos bud... Anyway, your squads seem to parallel the USMC squads. We use 3-4 M203 launchers(1 per fire team).
Uncle_Sam said:
What happened to those soldiers on the parade Frogy? :lol:

What do you mean? :D

Nothing happened :lol:

Chinese-Pakistani 2004 anti-terror exercise:
that pic on the hill looks like a scene from some very good home made Partizan movie :lol: :lol: these guys look mighty FF,really mighty..
Well, I've always been a huge fan of Chinese Culture, from the food to the people. I got interested in Chinese military after reading news reports about its growing power, so i started reading about the PLA and Chinese military on military forums... :lol: ---Whats The Laser Gun Mainly Used For?---

Chinese Special Forces


Thank you AsianAmerican, it is so nice to hear your words :D

The Laser gun is the newest Chinese equip, not really meant to blind the enemy eyes, but mainly used to destroy the brain-working of the enemy, especially the tank crew and heli pilots.



About the Laser Weapons, actually USA intelligence is not that bad, check this report about Chinese Laser Weapons by USA in 1999:

U.S. Defense Department documents describe a massive laser weapons build-up in China, reports Charles Smith in Worldnet Daily. People's Liberation Army [PLA] laser weapons include anti-satellite weapons, anti-cruise missiles and lasers designed to instantly blind soldiers on the battlefield or aircraft pilots. China has already deployed the ZM-87 blinding laser, called a "dazzler" system, which resembles a machine-gun on a tripod mount. Although banned in many international treaties, China is offering the "dazzler" for export on the world market. The U.S. military has deployed no effective counter-measures for the "dazzler," such as protective glasses for soldiers. American pilots rely on night-vision equipment that cannot block the intense light beam.

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PLA Laser Gun: