Brag and just talk, talk, talk

I'm surprised I've been on the forum for about a year and have just now spotted this thread.

Anyways, before I was in the Army I was in JROTC for 4 years. I was blessed with having a top notch program at my school where it was not nerdy at all to be in the program. I graduated as the JROTC Bn Cdr and Deputy Corps Commander.

Three days later I was at Ft. Sill Oklahoma going through Army OSUT training to become a cannoneer, or, 13 B. That was almost 10 years ago. In that 10 years I've gotten married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Been married almost 6 years now. Racked up two deployments to Iraq/ Kuwait and attained the honor of serving as a Non-Commissioned officer. Got out for a short time and earned a BA in History and a commission as a 2nd LT in the Field Artillery. Now, I'm serving as a Platoon leader getting ready for my third deployment to somewhere in South West Asia.

Life has come hard and fast since I left home and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have absolutely loved every minute of it!
Hi, I'm Paul and I'm addicted to porn... (Hi Paul)... I've been masturbation free now for three minutes... (Good job Paul, well done)...
LOL oh well, I thought it was funny... guess I'll get Red to change my user title from 'Bouncer' to 'Thread Killer'
Yah, it's good to see you again! I was on and off for a while also, though I am trying to be here more often. :)

How are things going?

p.s. I got married to Lunatik and had the first Miforum baby. ;)

No way!!! That is amazing! Congrats! :D Things have been well.
The name's Rob, I'm a freshman in college. I'm a singer... That's what I study, and my main hobby. I also love to read, and I'm damned sure addicted to this place. I couldn't tell you how many books I've read, but it's probably an astronomical number. I'm extremely opinionated, and if you ask my view on something, be prepared to hear it. I was in JROTC at my high school (Air Force) but fell in love with music...
I served for years with an SFC Rob Henderson, before you were born!
I'm an aspiring writer, I sing, post on quite a few forums and run my own one too.

Reading about Rob H. just below made me feel a bit sad. But at least he is on my facebook :)
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I'm an aspiring writer, I sing, post on quite a few forums and run my own one too.

Reading about Rob H. just below made me feel a bit sad. But at least he is on my facebook :)
That is amazing! I love music with a passion. I played frencho horn, trumpet, mellophone and piano throughout high school and love to sing also. I find it wonderful that you write also. Reading just opens so many new doorways to the unknown.
I'm Jack, 18 years old and have just graduated from high school in Canada. I'm originally from the United Kingdom, having moved to The Great White North when I was twelve.

My hobbies are listening to music, I sing too (just like Rob), I am currently working on my first military fiction novel... I play basketball and soccer, and currently have two summer jobs!

My interests include anything military-related... I'm also into world issues, obviously, those relating to the military are the ones that I am most opinionated about. My grandfather and father both served in the HM Armed Forces, and I plan to one day too.

I too am the coolest person in the world, I'm the son God wished he had. (well, you said to brag) :D

Welcome to the boards - this is such a cool thread!