Australian Defence Force Training Pics

Jakarta would be:
40 degrees celcius. 100% humidity (and if you run right after the usual 1pm rains during the wet season, you are running through a steam bath). Also there are burning garbage piles which sometimes can't be avoided. Also, the canals full of sewage stink like hell.
Here are a few aircraft from the Australian air fleet, both RAAF and Army Aviation.

Australian F-111


FA/18 Hornets of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force)


Eurocopter ARH Tiger goes through its paces


Some more photos.

Infantry soldier with full pack and webbing

Some of these next photos are black and white because they are linked from the Australian War Memorial. Not sure why they have the pics in b&w.

2 cav on patrol in Baghdad

Another view of 2 cav (ASLAVS) on patrol.

Iraqi woman passing 2 RAR Infantry outside the old Australian embassy. 2 RAR has just been joined by 6 RAR Infantry. They left today. (by the way, RAR stands for Royal Australian Regiment).

Morning briefing in one of Saddam's palaces

2RAR soldiers take a break on 13 floor of an unfinished hotel in Baghdad (which has been used as a barracks for 2 cav and 2 RAR, it's outside the green zone and is prone to attacks).

Royal Australian Navy clearance diver in Iraq. Aussie CD's have got a huge job, and although they are not "Officially" Special Forces, they may as well be.

SAS In Iraq, thanks boys

2 SAS soldiers have a break at Baghdad airport, gotta love the boardshorts and flip flops.
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The challenge there would be high altitude. But really when you step into a hot and humid environment, it just sucks the life right out of you. But on the other hand, in terms of conditioning, high altitutde is superb. It probably explains why Gurkhas are excellent runners.

I was on a cadet training exercise last year at catterick and there was loads of gurkhas there doing a 25km run with bergens...whilst having to navigate the route, and it was all off road :shock:

I heard a rumour that if they draw their knife in combat, they have to draw blood....and if they dont get it from an enemy they have to get it from themselfs :shock:

Yeah but you gotta love it when they come to your base. They take over the messes in Wainwright....which translates to come good eating for all the troops in that....urgh...lovely and plentifully foliated region
3 RAR Paras in East Timor

SAS Training

Sounding the last post during Naidoc week

Soldier presents arms whilst Airman and Sailor present a salute in the background. ANZAC day at Bomona war cemetary.

Leopards from 1 Armoured during amphib ops.
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I always liked the Austrailian military and i hope that one day when i join the USMC i would get to train and/or fight alongside them. by the way what is a Yowie Suit?

I heard a rumour that if they draw their knife in combat, they have to draw blood....and if they dont get it from an enemy they have to get it from themselfs

i never knew that before, pretty neat, i rememeber that the Samurai used to do that.
Yeah a yowie suit is a ghillie suit (snipers camouflage suit). A yowie is a mythical Australian creature that inhabits swamps and rivers, and I guess that they figure thats what a Yowie would look like.

I'm glad to hear that there is a fair bit of support for the Australians. Jason Bourne, if you join the USMC no doubt you'll get to train with us in Shoalwater Bay. Once every couple of years 25,000 US servicemen come here for a couple of weeks for wargames, and most of them are USMC. Good stuff, lots of fun.
Good pics there. Gotta love the SAS bloke with the beard. What a scruffy bastard. Because they are special forces they get away with it though.
Well they have too. I know an American guy who served in SF for over 20 years and he told me its mandatory in some missions to grow beards. You dont leave until it's grown out enough.
Yep, they try to fit in as much as possible, allot of people in afghanistan grow beards.