A Question For all the youngsters not in yet


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I have read a lot of posts from some of you guys that are not yet enlisted because your still in shool or on delayed entry program, and it seems that a good portion of you guys are wanting to become Special Forces in some branch. I do not want to discourage anyone but I have looked into SF myself and you have to be very determined to make it in any SF no matter what the branch. My last supervisor was 6 years prior Army Ranger and I have talked in depth with him and my last commander who was 12 Army Green Beret and to make it through the courses to be awarded that title is no joke. I am sure the wash out rate is very high, so I guess I am just trying to get peoples input on what they are doing to prepare themselves and maybe some of the other folks on here can help you out with a regimented PT program to make sure your body is ready. Then all you have to worry about is conditioning your mind to endure all the hardships they throw at you. Like I said before don't want to discourage anyone just want the youngsters to be prepared for probably the hardest thing they have ever done. But I am sure the reward is weel worth any thing you have to do to get it. Good Luck to all you future military guys and gals....
SF is only an asset the Army has. SOF (Special Operations Forces) is what special operations units would be referred to when speaking generally. I know I keep saying that, but eventually - folks WILL catch on! (Tell the media too, please)

And grrr, on "Green Beret". Those are hats!


Good topic, Rotty.
SF??never i wanna sit behind some howitzer listening some hard rock and droping some heavy duty shels on the enemy ;)
I've had several friends over the years who were Special Forces, SEALs, or Marine Recon. (In fact, my friend Phil -- Marine Recon -- has a cameo in the movie "Heartbreak Ridge"; he's the Marine coming out of the shower as Mario Van Peebles starts playing "Bionic Marine".)

Anyway, they unanimously agreed that their Special Operations training was the hardest thing that they have ever done -- and that the first ones to wash out of the training were almost the always the ones who had come swaggering in with the "I wanna be a Green Beret/SEAL/Recon Marine because I'm a real bad :cen: ."

I've never been dumb enough to want to go Special Operations. 8) There's always been other stuff to do.
I don't want to be an ultra-black secret commando dude, I want to join the Army, and if I like it I'll reënlist. Then I want to go to college and become a politician. Heck, who knows, one day I might be Mr. President ;) :)

Not that I don't think SOF are the coolest things on earth. Every teenage male does (and if he don't I don't want to talk to him ;) ).

And about my sn, FutureRANGER, I have no 'plans' for that, but once I'm in its always an option for me to try.

When I was little one of my favorite games was the Commando series. Anyone ever play any of those? :)
it's been my dream. I want Infantry, Ranger, and to be able to wear that green beret. I will achieve that sf patch or I will die trying.
I gotta be an Army Engineer:My dad was. I know im going to enlist:my dad, both my real grandfathers , one of my gandmothers(NOT A NURSE!), and my uncle have been enlisted and im going to carry on the tradition!

Like I said I don't want to make any one lose hope but it takes a special kind of person to be Spec Ops. I just think all of the guys that want it need to start now and figure out what it takes to get them there. My Uncle was a Green Beret for 7 years and loved every minute of it, he is now a Warrant Officer flying Black Hawks, but it took every ounce of determination and courage he could muster up to get though the initial training. I can't give you anything specific or for sure but I think a lot of the SF schools can take up to 2 full years of training just to earn their right as a operator. But to those of you real determined folks good luck....
Agreed...if you have the grit to stick it out, then I heartily endorse your decision. Good luck either way.
For about three yrs now i've wanted to be a Force Recon Marine right now i'm mainly working on my lower body. Anyone know the standards for the PT part for getting into Recon training? Or where to find them?
OH I understand the challenge that awaits me...I'm preparing, even now. Working out hard, even over summer break, learning about SFAS as much as I can, and that's probably at least 4 years away...
Do not get so focused on SF that you forget you're going to be a PL of conventional Joes. Be careful not to start seeing things as merely a stepping stone. You'll want to give 110% no matter where you are, because your men's lives may depend on it and it will make you a better officer in the long run.

Rotty261 said:
I can't give you anything specific or for sure but I think a lot of the SF schools can take up to 2 full years of training just to earn their right as a operator.

How long the pipeline lasts for an SF student depends on many different factors. The in-service pipeline is longer since they have to PCS from their original unit. Most in-service students can expect 26 - 37 months simply due to wait times. That doesn't, however, factor in recycles, so it could be even longer.

18Xers can expect anywhere from 22 - 24 months before getting to their group (again, that would include wait times, but not recycles).


I posted the pipeline here a while ago.


For those that want to be Force Recon Marines, I suggest you put the thought into the back of your head and save it for later down the road. Focus on becoming a Marine first.

As for the standards, don't worry about them .. who cares what the minimum is? You do not want to make the minimum, and that isn't enough to get you through the door IF it opens for you.

295 Score, I was uber slow on the run, you really want to keep it under 17 mins.
3 miles---18::30
Dead Hang Pull Ups---53
500 Meter Swim---0:9::00
10 mile Ruck run(45lbs)---2:25::30
O'course x 2--- 4::20

This is considered "average." Not good, not great; average. If you go in and score a 225, you may as well leave.
Oh no doubt. Every duty I'm given, I will do it as best as I can; conventional soldiers are still soldiers...and when they're under my command, they'll be family.
That's a good thing to keep in mind. Too many young officers seem to forget that. They wind up with swelled heads...
Rotty261 said:
so I guess I am just trying to get peoples input on what they are doing to prepare themselves.

I'm 16, I want to be an Infantry officer In the USMC. To prepare my self I work out (weights, running, calisthenics, ect.) I'm in great shape and I've still got a few years to go. I think one of the of the most important things to do it just to prepare your mind as best you can, ask question, look on the net, talk to BTDTs, (been there done that) challenge your self, and never think you can't.
Of course a dream of mine is to become part of a SOF team, but you need to take things one step at a time. Just like a sports team...you take it one game at a time. The game you are playing at the moment is the championship etc. The PFT you are taking is your only chance. Otherwise you'll think, well there's always next time.