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May 17th, 2004  
Originally Posted by 1217
Ok, I'll post my list:

1) Glock 17
2) Sig P226 / P228
3) Heckler & Koch P8
4) Beretta 92 series
And for a bigger caliber: Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
*looks at avatar* Oops, I think I forgot one.....
Came across someone who had this exact same model on the range the other day, and I loved it. It's the Springfield Armory TRP-Pro 1911-A1. (.45 ACP) To bad it costs $ 2395.00 That'll take me a while to save up...
June 4th, 2004  
bush musketeer

Topic: fav pistol

any of the british tranter revolvers, very realiable.
for fun though it would have to be a single shot vary flare pistol converted to 12gauge with an insert, not real acurate but good to play with
June 23rd, 2004  
Sgt. Nick Fury
Of the handguns I have fired the one I could practically target anything I wanted with my eyes closed and it go there was the H&K USP .40 . It's just butter smooth. I also like it's big brother the Mark 23 SOCOM but it's just a bit bulky. I prefer the USP in the .40 as teh lesser recoil allows you to double tap with ease.

That said I have to just fire a friends, I just can't get the budget to buy my own yet, I'm probably going to get the Sig Pro instead until I can get a really good deal on teh USP tactical. H&K is just as good as it gets to me......

I love the kimber series of 1911's to.....if only my bank account matched my tastes....=)
June 23rd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Sgt. Nick Fury
if only my bank account matched my tastes....=)
I hear that!
June 23rd, 2004  
I've only fired one handgun, my brother's Springfield 1911 .45. I fell in love with that weapon. :P
June 25th, 2004  
Colt 1945
June 25th, 2004  
Iraq n Baq
I like my H&K USP 9mm just fine.

Doesn't get much better than H&K.
September 25th, 2005  
major liability
I have a relatively long list... Keep in mind that price is not a factor, these are just my favorites in alphabetical order:

FN Five-seveN Tactical (5.7x28mm; Belgium)
Glock-20 (10mm Auto; Austria)
HK P46 (4.6x30mm; Germany)
HK USP45 Tactical (.45ACP; Germany)
IzhMash PYa (9x19mm Para; Russia)
Para Ordnance P14-45 (.45ACP; Canada)
Steyr M-1A (.40 S&W; Austria)
Zastava CZ-999 (9x19mm Para; Serbia)

I'd have to say the top two are definitely the USP45 Tactical and the Glock-20.
September 25th, 2005  
I go with you...

FN Tactical in 5,7x28mm is my favorite.
in 9x19mm in my opinion HK USP Expert is the best choice.
Also the HK P46 (UCP) in 4,6x30mm is a great pistol...
September 30th, 2005  
Walther PPK(.32 ACP), HK USP .45 or .40, MK23 Socom.