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What war interests you the most?
January 30th, 2005  
What war interests you the most?
Im a more WWII person and a Veitnam subject kinda guy becuase there the main wars we can learn from...dont f with the U.S.
January 30th, 2005  
Mexican American War

World War II - But I mainly concentrate on the Pacific Theater.
January 31st, 2005  
Vietnam and all the Roman Wars.
What war interests you the most?
January 31st, 2005  
WW2, everything but the Pacific Theatre
February 3rd, 2005  
WW2 - Eastern Front. The biggest battle in the history of humankind. No other conflict comes close to matching it for scale, casualties and sheer intensity.
February 7th, 2005  
Originally Posted by GuyontheRight
Ancient Warfare (Persians up to the Romans)
I love you!!! This is by far my favorite types of wars to read about and study.

February 7th, 2005  

Topic: let me think

Well this seems sad but the periods that would interest me if i took the time to investigate would be the Roman Times. The way thier battles went, how they over came situations even the fact that they had control over alot of population.

Even though they were ever so bloody they still stand as one of the best conquers in history and for that I respect them as well as them having influenced most of the world.
February 12th, 2005  
ya my favorite is the wars in roman times. specialy the punic wars.
February 15th, 2005  
caesar's wars

i like to read wut he has written, actually better than modern war novels
February 17th, 2005  
Canadian Sergeant
I have always been big into the VietNam war, alot to do with the ancient tacticts that they used, like boobie traps and the like.