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In this category you can find over 2000 military quotes and quotations (haven't counted them all yet...)
All military quotes are sorted by surnames, and/or sorted in several different categories,
like leadership quotes, war quotes, funny quotes, defense, peace etc.
You can find lots of quotes from famous persons like:
George Patton, Sun Tzu, MacArthur, Napoleon, Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Sherman
and hundreds of more famous and infamous modern and historical persons and leaders.
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Unit Mottos and Slogans

In this section you can find a collection of over 860 unit mottos (861 mottos in total),
both modern and historical mottos, from many countries all over the world.
The unit mottos are sorted by branches, country and funny mottos


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Find a lot of military jokes, funny short stories and much more humor related content such as:
lots of Cartoons, Murphy's Laws of Combat jokes, funny quotes, lots of jokes,
quotes from the Iraqi Information minister (Baghdad Bob)
and much more jokes and humor related stuff


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Guides to Surplus, Old Soviet and Russian Surplus, war movies and documentaries
knives, dog tags, name tapes and tags, Military Uniforms (BDU/DCU/ACU),
The new Army Combat Uniform (ACU) pants and jackets,
Boots - Army Boots (Desert, Jungle, Combat, Jump etc..), posters
Backpacks, headgear, cold weather gear, peacoats, Official US Service Rings,
and more great gift ideas for all branches!


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"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"
("If you want peace, prepare for war")
- Flavius Vegetius Renatus

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