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Military Cartoons :)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any funny military cartoons you want to publish here.

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Military Cartoons

Military Cartoons: Proper way to recover.
Military Cartoons, Military Training/PT Military Cartoons, Close Quarter Combat
Click on the images to view larger cartoons
These Military Cartoons are copyrighted to

More Military Cartoons.
Click on the images to view larger military cartoons



These cartoons are made and copyrighted by Marble.
Do not copy and/or use them without his permission,
find contact info at his website:

Downrange Comics
Copyright Jeff
Visit his site at to find more great cartoons

The BattleBeans

The BattleBeans Cartoons are made and copyrighted by Max and Floyd.
Please do not copy them without permission!

Explanation about the history of the BattleBeans, by Max:
"A quick introduction of the cartoons. My friend Floyd and myself created the strips using "beans" as the characters. Since beans were a staple of any army (if not the only item) though the centuries, we thought many military folks would appreciate the association. The title of the strip is "BattleBeans" These samples we worked up a couple of years ago when the U.S. first went into Iraq. We thought it would be fun to play with Saddum Hussain. We call him "Bean" Hussain."




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