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ACU Gear and Apparel
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Military Equipment on the Internet!

Military Gear and Equipment Categories

The New Army Combat Uniform (ACU)
  ACU Name Tapes -  ACU Ranks and Insignia
ACU Patches and Badges
  ACU Gear and Apparel -  Infrared (IR) Flags/Patches

 ACU Gear Catalog - ACU M.O.L.L.E. Gear
Russian Military Surplus
Russian Militaria, Clothing and Colelctibles
Find Rare Old Soviet, Eastern European and
Russian Military Gear.
- Russian Navy/Nautical Gear
Russian Air Force and Aviation Gear
- Russian Uniforms, Overcoats and Apparel
Russian Hats, Ushanka and Caps
Russian Pins, Insignia and Badges

Military Gift Ideas
Do your shopping for military gifts from home this year.
Visit our guide to great military gift ideas.
Air Force Gifts - Army Gifts - Coast Guard Gifts
Marines (USMC) Gifts
- Navy Gifts

Military Boots
Find High Quality Military Boots.
Desert Boots, Jungle Boots, Ranger Boots, Jump Boots,
Combat Boots and much more
9-in. Desert Boot
Now 10% Discount!
Military Name Tapes and Tags

Desert, OD, Woodland, Gore-Tex, and more.
Sets also available.
For Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps
NEW - ACU (Army Combat Uniform) Tapes !!
Now 10% off!
Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU's)
High Quality US made Battle Dress Uniforms.
ProFormance, ProDura, Federal and
Enhanced Hot Weather BDU's
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ProFormance BDU Shirt (woodland camo)
Military Dog Tags
 A selection of Different military and custom dog tags,  chains, silencers and chain tubes
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Military Knives, Machetes, Bayonets
Find Survival knives, Spetznaz machetes,
Ka-Bar knives,  Commando knives,
SEAL Team and SEAL Master knives,
US Army fighting knives, Combat knives,
Bayonets and much more
US Army Ka-Bar Fighting Knife
Military Backpacks
Find Alice Packs, CFP-90 Patrol and Combat packs.
Extra shoulder pads, straps, bands suspenders frames etc. available
10% OFF
Military Flags

Military Service Flags
Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, USMC, Navy
Also a lot of other military related flags available
10% OFF
Military Movies and Documentaries
Find some of the best military movies and documentaries on VHS and DVD.
Military Posters
Find a lot of great military related posters.

Military Rings and Jewelry

Official Military Service Rings
Army Rings - Marine Corps Rings - Coast Guard Rings
Air Force Rings - Navy Rings
Military Headgear
Find Helmets, Berets,  Boonie Hats,
Bdu Caps and more
Now 10% Discount!
Summer BDU Hat (Woodland)
Military Ranks, Military Rank Insignia

US Military Rank Insignias for sale.
 Army Ranks  Air Force Ranks  Navy Ranks 
Marine Ranks and Medals.

Military Medals
Find military medals from all US Armed Forces
From WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War to Present time.

Prepare for the winter!
  Cold Weather Gear
  Navy Peacoats and Parkas

Military Surplus
Guide to Low Priced
Military Surplus online.
Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)

Military Gear and Military Equipment

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Colleagues, Friends, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife......!
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