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I was thinking if each of us told a little about our hometown, it will be like a nice little tour around the world....

So, ill go first....

Zichron Yaakov

My hometown is Zichron Yaakov. It is located about 30 kilometers south of Haifa. Zichron, as the locals call it, was founded in 1882, by Jewish settelrs from Romania, and was at first named Zamerin. The name was later changed to Zichron Yaakov(Memmory of Jackob) to honor one of the Baron De Rotchileds family Members(the Baron was a great donator to the town). Population today is almost 15000. The town has the largest winery in Israel. There are a few hotels and manny coffe shops, and the town is a local tourist center, due to its location(on the Carmel mountain, overlooking the Medetranian sea.) and history. The town has a few museums like the Beit Ahronson Museum(dedicated to the NILI WWI anti-turk underground), and the IDFs Artillary Museum.Oh, we have a few fires a year, because we are near the forest.... :?

Here is a page with pics:
Well i live in belgrade the center of serbia>SCG it's a city with great history(7000 years ago he was built).It's located on the rivers Sava and Danube,survived Romans(under their impery was named singidunum).About the name Belgrade(white city)majority think that some unknown wrighter gave this name while passing along the city long ago.Then survived Turkish empire(5 centuries),I and II balkan wars,also survived bombings in WWII and survived WWI,and most recently NATO bombing.Kultural and political capital of Serbia,home of some of world greatest people.This is Belgrade in short
Hmmm, lets see....I live in Ridgefield, CT a small town that consists of lots of woodlands and hills and valleys everywhere. Alot of my grade all play paintball and airsoft and we just hang out at someone's house and play. Lots of fun :lol:. One great thing about this town is it's close to NYC which would be why the prices here are high :(

Only little bit of history I know about Ridgefield is the Battle of Ridgefield during the Revolutionary War. Not sure of it's importance, but the Brits sure did leave their mark. We have preserved a tavern, the Keeler Tavern, that has a connonball stuck in the side of the building and is quite an attraction for this small, boring, little, town ;)
The O.C. of Southern California. Something always goes wrong in this county sometimes its a big deal, sometimes its not.
No kiddin.

I live in Altadena, in Southern California, very close to Pasdena, which was founded around the same time of Los Angeles. I live maybe 15 miles away from L.A., been there a lot. Theres a (metro) train that goes right to the heart of L.A.

Altadena is a suburb of Pasadena, which is larger and more commercial.

I don't assoiciate with my neighbors, neighborhood kids ect. as we live in a not so good neighborhood. My neighbor got murdered about 3 blocks away when I was a little kid, and the woman digonally accross the street from was found killed in her house when I was 8 or 9. But its really not all that bad, there are places a lot worse.
FutureRANGER said:
But its really not all that bad, there are places a lot worse.

Thats the truth man. in the little bubble of irvine two people have been murdered. One by some sword weilding psycho and the other at a 7/11 by some white supremists. :(
I live in River Hebert, Nova Scotia, Canada. It's a small village (roughly 800 people and dropping steadily), but it's a great place to live. It used to be a coal mining town, but after the drop of need for coal, everyone moved out because there were very little jobs here. We'll probably increase in size again after the Joggins Fossil Cliffs (located about 6 Km east in Joggins, NS) becomes a UN World Heritage Site.
im from Christ Haven, in Keller Texas, Christ haven is a place for people from messed up s**tty backgrounds(sort of a mini boys town)my parents worked their and thats were i was born and lived 5 years of my life. its a really cool place thats helped alot of people get out of alot of messes. thats my hometown. :D
Nice topic, Sherman. I was born and raised in place A until the age of 19, and I've been living and studying in place B for the last 5 yrs. What place am I supposed to talk about? They're about 1 hr flight away from eachother. Please help.
i live in maroondah, victoria. technically the suburb is maroondah, but its a helluva lot easier to just say melbourne, its suburbia, theres houses everywhere, tho its not too crowded, i went to one of the local high skools (the one 200m away from me!!) and im currently at uni in closer to the actual city. it takes 1 hr to drive to the city, and abt the same time to reach the nearest beach, so im happily located!! thers a couple of big shopping centers (i refuse to say malls!!!) golf courses, i guess its just like suburbia everywhere. oh and gun related crime is on the rise, which is a bit of a worry but its not too bad compared to some parts of the world i guess...
Wow, I had a bunch of stuff about my hometown posted on another forum, but we had a disastrous memory dump about a week ago and it dumped everything since march 2003. (I wasn't even on the forums then lol)

But I live in Salisbury. Well Granite Quarry, but they are connected.
Salisbury is the founder of Cheerwine, and awesome drink! Just a little taste of home i like to say, especially since around here its $.35 for a can and $0.99 for 2 liters. (everyone else is in the $2.50 range. :shock:

Abraham Lincoln stopped in Salisbury (I think), we had a confederate prison... and a bunch of other stuff.

I would say there about about 35,000 people in salisbury, about 2,000 in granite quarry (and thats pushing it!)

So ya~!

Well, I was born just outside Houston, Texas, but I've lived in Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, Arizona, and now New York. I've moved around so much, I don't really have what I'd considered a hometown. Meh.
I grew up in Standish, CA, a little ranching community with a population of around 60, but we got a post office and a gas station, ain't we high speed? :lol: I'd say that near about every single adult male has served or is currently serving as an NCO in one of the services, and I'll be the first officer, so I catch quite a bit of flack for that (all in fun of course). Most of the cattle are hereford-angus crosses, just in case we ever start a milforum Trivial Pursuit.
Oh, and the SLFD is the best daggone DAV fire department in the world. :lol:
My hometown doesnt have a huge background or anything like that, a little town called Hydro, Oklahoma of about 900 and that was countin all the pets and farm animals. its about 64 miles west of Oklahoma City. There was 19 people in my graduatin class and I think 3 of them didnt make it.
i used to live in Juneau alaska my dad was posted there befor that i lived in Sacromento california and befor that was Portland Oregon and befor that Seatle Washington i currently live in Canby Oregon and it sucks @$$! cause its oregon and all but im going to move back to Juneau Alaska once i can get the money i love it up there
Redneck said:
Most of the cattle are hereford-angus crosses, just in case we ever start a milforum Trivial Pursuit.

those make the beef right? We have a buncha black Angus's around here... man you get some good stuff off them.