YetiSports.. Coolest online game ever.. :)

Redneck said:
Are you feeling ok today, Redleg?



New record:

On Yetisports 4??
No way.. :lol: (One flight only!)
Redneck said:
There's a secret to it, Redleg, you have to piggy-back on one of the other albatrosses.

Ahhh, I see...
But the question is: Have you beat my 1496,2 record?? ;)
(NOT total, just one albatross flight....)
Yeah, I was just kidding about that piggy back thing (but it sounded good, right? :lol: ). Haven't beat that yet, Redleg, I'm still playing with 1400.
Jihaaa.. :D :D

It's now possible to play the famous Yetisports 1 (modified version) in the MilForum arcade!
With Highscores!

I have also found Yetisports 3 and 4 with highscores, but they are quite large so they would probably kill my bandwidth,
I may install those later.

Who will be the MilForum Pingu Slap Champion??

Grab your board and go out for the Line Up!

Start your surf session and catch the BIGWAVE. Ride wild with Yeti and surf spectacular moves. Use the cursor to perform bottom turns and re-entries. Score high with jumps and penguin kicks.

Hang Loose!

My record so far 13300 :)