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you cannot "veto" embargos my friend - if a country does not want to sell something to another country then it just stops. Also to veto on the UN council you have to be a permanent member or one of the random rolling members (anyway i actually think they got rid of the veto because of margaret thatcher). Personally i simply think china cannot economically afford to do anything like that. Hmmm i wonder what war with china would be like... start of a new thread?
S-A-N-C-T-I-O-N-S can most certainly be vetoed. The permanent members of the UN security council are France, Russia, U.K., U.S., and guess who? Yeah China. Where did you get your information? Who said anything about one country's embargo on China? Which country would that be? Which single country does China depend so much on that they would change their policy in the case of an embargo?
In the history of the UN here is the record of vetoes:
USSR/Russia: 120 vetoes. Only two vetoes since the collapse of the Soviet Union
US: 77 vetoes. Blocked 36 resolutions criticising Israel.
UK: 32 vetoes, 23 times with the US. All solo UK vetoes on Zimbabwe.
France: 18 vetoes, 13 with the US and UK
China: 5 vetoes

Although the voeto has been widely critisized, I know of no new changes. I refer you to
China is changing before our eyes, the government has opened up free trade inside their system......more rights for the to the borders for more business' the communist party has like 70 million members out 1 billion plus people. Their leader is also more liberal than most other hard-liners. I will try to find the sources that I found this info at and post it later.
One thing I will always remember about China is that they always believe in peaceful coexistence - until it's no longer to their advantage.
One word. Symbiosis. The economies of the Chinese and Americans need eachother to function the way they do today. The US has pledged to support Taiwan(Republic of China) from agresssions of the People's Republic of China(Those mainland commie bastards). The question to be asked is America willing to watch the economy go to hell because we can no longer buy CHEAP products from china? And china has to ask itself, is it willing to give up its MAIN customer for a little Island off the coast? The chinese see Taiwan as an INTERNAL matter that the UN has NO JUSIDICTION over. They will try to keep it out of the hands of the US. Right now china is modernizing their military at an alarming rate, their obsolete cold war era equipment is fast coming up to the 21st Cent. standard. But the chinese have no real force projection assest besides their Nuclear weapons. Which is why in the sense of their conventional forces they are only considered a regional power.

If you want to read a good China vs. Russia/USA senario book(yes I am addicted to Tom Clancy) check out "The Bear and The Dragon"
JaegerWolf08 said:
One word. Symbiosis. The economies of the Chinese and Americans need eachother to function the way they do today.

This is why IMO I believe china will not invade Taiwan :D