World Peace

How should world peace be achieved?

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I know the poll might seem a little one sided because this is a military site, but i wanted to know how u guys think world peace should be achieved.
Alien invasion. That's it. Unless we have something we can hate more than other countries, we're gonna keep killing each other. So when the green guys start baking brains with ray-guns, then we'll band together as one big happy family. Until they're dead, then it's business as usual.
World Peace the day Hell freezes over. Totally impossible. Human nature.

But if it was to happen it would only be by a vastly superior military power that would be able to hold everone in submission.
FutureRANGER said:
But if it was to happen it would only be by a vastly superior military power that would be able to hold everone in submission.

I wouldn't call that world peace.... :?
Well its relative world peace. No countries invading each other or anything. Of course the vastly superior military force would have to be good guys.

Hey its never gonna happen anyway so...
Redneck said:
AlexKall said:
Jtf2 said:
NEVER going to happen...but politics and negotiations are prefeared to an invasion.

I agree, better to talk then to kill! You cant get peace by killing people ;)

Depends on how many you kill ;) .

Well yes, if you kill everyone but you! I think that person would either commit suecide or live with other animales, the question is how long that human would survie, if you look at statistics of humans killed by other animales it dosnt look good :eek:
I agree to jamoni......
for something like peace you must give something to all countries that unites them.....

and to future rangers scenario that wouldtnt work.....think of terrorists.....
they also cant mess with a regular army, but nevertheless cause trouble as a equal opponent
The only time i have found that the conditions for world peace existed..was when Rome took over the known civilised world and put it under their rule. this came about through military action...ill say it would take military action today to get one top dog on top to state the rules.

The international system is an anarchical system: each State can resort to force if it believes appropriate, without thus infringing any code or convention whatsoever. What some people want to purport ( right term? ) as the closest thing to an International Legal Order, ignore that there is no WORLD Constitution, nothing like common values such as those written on a nat'l constitution. On top of that, most of the countries in the UN are non democratic so force is permitted.
Anyways I'd say half diplomacy and half strength in a general perspective: sumtimes 100 % diplomacy would be enough ( very seldom ), sum others 100 % would be ( less seldom, but seldom ).
I vote for "others" option. Until a shared common values- int'l order is established ( resembling a private State constitution ) there will never be peace on earth.