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I live in Upstate NY, about 2 hours from the city by car, and we have a pretty nice mixture of liberals and conservatives. Political conversation never gets boring when your area is diverse.

Chief Bones, just for the record, a lot of the right-wing "propoganda" posted on these forums is not 100% either way for me. Some things I'm undecided on, others I agree with, others make no sense to me. I'd say I agree with about 60% of the stuff posted, despite officially being a "democrat" (though that categorization is pretty much wrong, I like different parts of different parties and philosophies equally).

Where did I say anything that would lead you to make the above statement.

What I said was (and) I
If it tries to sway my opinion to the left or to the right then it IS propaganda.

What was posted leaves no doubt about being propaganda ... either you agree with the sentiments they raise (or) you don't.

In this case though, it doesn't quite rise to the level of illegal propaganda ... the source is from readily available public sources (and) there are other sources that off-set what was posted ... all it takes is a very short internet search.
Pfff here we go again.....

9. You can't spell unethical without UNited States..... come on. Who cares about ethical in the international, geopolitcal spectrum. The far right certainly don't!

8. Genocidal dictators, don't worry. As long as you don't have oil or other interesting resources we won't undertake action at all. Well hell, we too don't acknowledge the International Court of Justice so why would you?

7. The results do vary indeed! At least we try and maybe you'll live to see the end result.

4. Off course we don't take bribes, but we'll sell you all the weapons you need.

It is so easy just to say something about something you don't like. And the UN would function a lot better if the US would support it more. And I don't mean ramming your point of view down the throats of the rest of the world, but working on a democracy where everybody can speak up and is listened to!
Ted, ted, ted... don't you realise the UN was supposed to be like the IMF and the World Bank and work as an extension of democracy. :) Its not our fault the rest of the world didn't understand that, but as soon as they come to grips with it the better for everyone involved.
Even if... and this is a big "if" for me.... but even if you are right about the UN. I just have a hard time with the blind attitude of the political right. They have caused some much trouble themselves and failed just as many times to clean up their mess. All they do afterward is nag what shitty circumstances are going on and forget to realize they are just as well to blaim. I am aiming at the interference in Latin America under Reagan for instance.... It is so easy to nag, but why don't they try to do something constructive every so often?
The very same thing is said of the left when they are not in power. It is the eternal duty of the opposition to complain and snipe but the fact remains when they (whoever they are, regardless of political views) are in power they become the useless apparatchiks they were just recently bemoaning.
To Chief Bones, I said that because I don't believe this "propoganda" raises sentiments that you must either believe in or don't, I was just giving an example by saying that I've got mixed feelings about these statements.
Screw the UN.

As for the tee-shirts, they were designed by a politically incorrect satire group, there's a ton on their website that I won't post on here, because if these will upset some of your sensitive sensibilities, the others will make some of you cry in anger and outrage. Personally, I think they're funny.




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These are nice and funny drawings. Although like most fairies, I sure hope you don't believe what you read? THis has got to be one of the most over-simplefied, narrow views about the UN.
oh not it's not!....considering how many UN member countries actively plan and try cause the downfall of the US and it's allies it's not....

Consider this...what would happen if the US suddendly stops ALL payments and monetrery help to the many countries around the world we help every year?
Blackwatch said:
Consider this...what would happen if the US suddendly stops ALL payments and monetrery help to the many countries around the world we help every year?

I don't know, can you tell me? Will there be war? Will certain groups start to hate the US and plan terrorist attacks? Will some poor souls in some rotten hell-hole die from starvation? Hhmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it.
Or their might be a sudden increase.... I find it hard to predict what will happen.... But you might be right!