Why did you join the military? why not something else?


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Hmm.. I want to know why you guys chose the way of the military instead of other 1000 jobs out there.:p
Honest answer is around the end of September right after I graduated high school and just before my 19th birthday me and my old man got into a pretty good shouting match. It ended with him telling me "You are 18, an adult now, you've graduated high school and its time for you to get out. You've got 30 days to figure it out but you no longer live here."

The Air Force was my first choice as I wanted to be a pararescue medic goin in after downed pilots. But they said the earliest I could ship for basic was six months out and my old man was not up for negotiating my departure date. The Army said they would guarantee in my contract being a combat medic and that at MEPS I could get medical clearnace for Airborne and would ship to Basic in 30 days... the rest is history.
I was 17 and quit school and wasn't going anywhere
in life. I was always taught noone should ever have a free ride,
while others pay for it. It is the best thing I ever did in my life.
My country was under attack and I saw that i had the chance to fight back and protect those that I love.

'Nuff Said...
The option of spending time at the local bar drinking with communist/red extreme activist freaks and being unemployed most of the time did not suit me, so I used the chance the conscription system gave me and went off. Never looked back since.
Box of Rocks

The reason I went into the military was very simple - I was 17 years old, bored with school, and dumber than a box of rocks when it came to the rest of the world.

I got into two 'fights' with teachers and figured enough was enough.

On my 17th birthday (22 NOV 61) I took my physical and via the Delayed Entry Program, I entered the Army on 27 DEC 61).

(5 years Army + 10 years civilian + 15 years Navy) I retired from the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer :CG: (CPO) E-7 on 30 JUN 92 with 20 years 17 days active service.

This service spanned 3+ wars, service in 5 countries, 8 states, 3 ships and various/assorted schools and technical courses.

It was a good life - I don't regret too much of it but I wouldn't want to start all over if I had to start out to do it today.

Bush stinks and I don't trust him or any of his cohorts (my personal opinion).
Well I havent "joined" yet persay, but I am on my 18th birthday. Im joining to see the world, have a good permanent job, and most of all to give my time back to my country for the freedom it has given me. Also that way I wont be an obese kid sitting in my parents basement eating ho-hos and playing video games all day.
Because I really didn't see any other choice!

I joined the military because it's what I thought I was born for. I spent my early child hood and early teens in the "woods" so to speak. Started hunting for food by myself when I was no older than nine.

I loved military history, reading survivial manuals and spending days out in the woods when I was a kid. Not only that but, I was dirt poor. Sh.it, probably poorer than dirt.

I just didn't see any other way.

Looking back on it all, though, I would have went to college. I would have loved the opportunity to get my degree before joining the military.

For those thinking about joining the military; GO TO COLLEGE FIRST! Get that degree and become an officer. It's the only way to go! Better pay, benefits and you will be the one inchagre.


If you love the military so much join a ROTC unit in college. If that's not a viable option, then at least get your two year degree first.

Team Infidel said:
Go to jail or go to the Army.......
You may joke infidel, but that is one of the reasons my brother went into the army. He did already want to join, but then he got into trouble again and he was given a choice. The next day he went down the AFCO in Birmingham and signed up as a driver.

Me I had no qualifications, was bored of school and stuff 16 working in McDonalds, wanted to do something with my life 8yrs later and never looking back. Some days are good some days are bad, but Im not flipping burgers any more unless we have a BBQ outside the block lol:mrgreen:
It may sound hokey, but serving in the military (actually, for me, it's the uniformed services, since the US Public Health Service doesn't have a combat mission) is an extension of my desire to serve "the greater good." I guess being an EMT, ski patroller and a hospital adminsitrator (where I was making quite a bit more money...ouch) wasn't good enough, and since I never got around to going to medical school...serving in the PHS doing public health emergency preparedness/management was the next best option.
Seemed like a good idea at the time. I was out of college, not sure what I wanted to do and the men in my family have served since Washington's army. I figured, why not?

Turns out the timing was bad. I earned my commission during the time of the peace dividend where there were going to be no more wars to fight. There is nothing worse than being in a military that has nothing to do and no budget to do anything with anyway. After all my training, I spent about a year in an Ensign pool (basically a temp worker) until Saddam invaded Kuwait and folks figured out that the world was still a dangerous place even though the Berlin Wall was gone. Things got much more interesting after that.

If I had to do it all over again? Not sure. Probably. Still miss the excellent cheap haircuts.
The major driving force in my joining the military was my Dad. He died when I was young, almost 8 years old. He had been in Vietnam and while he was in the military and deployed he kept journals. There is an entry for every day he was there (3 tours) and I grew up reading them. I joined because I wanted to follow in his foosteps and do the things he go to do, have the pride in myself that he had in himself.

Also, every male in my family has served in the militay so it has always been expected that if you're male you'll serve in some way.

I made the right choice for me and I can't tell you how good it feels to know you're doing exactly what you want to do. It's a great feeling having that secure knowledge.
I was offered a great opportunity to obtain a college education free of charge. It's worked out pretty well up to this point.
Why did you join

:cheers: If you are/used to be in service why did u join what is the biggest reason for joining

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