What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)?

If you're looking at going to the 75th .. try the Korea route, a lot of people do. Go to Korea for a year to do a tour in the 2nd ID, mech or light (doesn't matter. Performance does). At the end of your tour you have to come back to CONUS anyway, which makes it easier for the Regiment to get you and really easy for the PERSCOM guys to process. End of Regiment time rolls around, and you go to IOAC, en route to SFAS and SFQC. Volunteer for an overseas battalion and BQ as an 18 Captain. Chances are you'll then be fresh meat for a SWCS tour or SMU tryouts. By then you'll be around 10 years and will be at the decision point for Field Grade or ETS.
As for going to Regiment first, I've known four guys out of 2/75 that did the Korea route. If you really want to go to the 75th, Korea is an excellent route.
that's IF I get infantry...for us ROTC guys commissioning, Infantry's one of the hardest slots to get.
Soldier 79936, I'm a little confused by your post. Are you saying you're already in the SF pipeline? If so, what Q class were you?
im gonna finishing my training for Special Forces 18B i got 1 more month

Soldier, I take this to mean you're already enlisted and advanced through much of the SF pipeline, IE, you've completed the prereq's. SFAS, ACLT (PLDC), (SOPC if you were an 18X). So what Q class are you?
well technally im not in i ment that im taking a practice training at ft benning so it gets me ready so i go in next month into special for 18 b
You completed SFAS at Ft. Benning? Who are you with at Benning?
My Rate...or MOS as you Army guys call it is DC {Damage Control}, but I plan on going to Corpsman school for 13 weeks after I make my Rate permenant....so I'll be a firefighter and a nurse...best of both worlds IMHO :D
Being a firefighter is good, then you get to be in calenders. Of course they never did that with my station, I guess we were just TOO good-looking, didn't want to make all the other guys feel bad. :lol: What's the civilian equivalent of a Corpsman (EMT I, II, Paramedic)? Are they the same as our medics or more along the lines of a nurse, more hospital oriented?
Ive never been on a calander, but I have made it on a poster :D

Corpsman are the same as nurses pretty much. Im an EMT in my civilian job so it {Corpsman school} shouldnt be too hard for me.

Are you a FF/Paramedic?
I'm a firefighter whenever I'm home (D.A.V. :lol: ) and a First Responder, so nothing really, but my brother is a firefighter with CDF during the summer and a Paramedic in Reno, NV, for the rest of the year. So I catch a lot of flack for my D.A.V. status. We're wildland firefighters, so we don't get the cool scenes carrying twenty babies out of a burning building. I did save a donkey from a burning barn one time, though. :lol:
Redneck said:
I did save a donkey from a burning barn one time, though. :lol:

Thats funny...but somebodys gotta save them poor donkeys. We have CDF here in SoCal to. They are mostly seasonal fire fighters and they fight brush fires to. What is D.A.V.? What is your MOS...sorry if I missed it.

Dumb A** Volunteer. :lol:

My MOS is "Cadet," I guess you could say, what I'm shooting for is 12C, Armored Cavalry Scout officer.

What's your civilian job?
Redneck, always remember that the Bradley is NOT a tank, and that it IS a bullet magnet. Thats why I am shooting for a light IN posting. I spent enough time in the back of those things.

Gotta love the medics.
:lol: So noted. Given my medical history, I think I'm going to be a bullet magnet myself anyway, if it stays true to form. But I really want to get with the Scouts and run around in a Hummer. You were with a Mechanized Infantry unit, right?
Yes I was in a Mech unit, which would explain my eagerness to get away from any sort of armored vehicle. As a dismount you are the company *****. But at least you don't have to PMCS, boresight, break track, flip the skirt, and do all of that other extraneous crap assciated with being on crew. Don't get me wrong all of those tasks are vital, but they can be a pain, and boring. Light is the way to go.
As a cav scout, your men will be 19D, and prob. attatched to a Mech unit. Thats why mech batts don't have a scout platoon and why Mech Div doesn't have LRSD. But, I am pretty sure that they heavy corps all have a LRSC