Whats your Favorite MRE, C-RAT .. ETC ETC

Tortellini ALfredo. THe IMP tortellini is the worst tortellini I've tasted, but still amazing, as all tortellini is.
03USMC said:
Oh yeah I remember the crackers. You never wanted to drink water while you were eating em those things would expand to twice their size. But they were okay with the neon orange cheese. If the cheese wasn't so far gone you couldn't get the oil to mix back in.

It the apple jelly and saw dust peanut butter that was the best....used to use the cheese to put it on the dehydrated mystery meat.
Apple jelly on the cherry nut cake, or maple nut cake. Peanut butter on the gorilla cookies.
Fruit nut cake or Orange nut cake trade for anything and I mean anything.
I really miss the dehydrated fruit. Take a bite, drink some water and rehydrate in your mouth. No one really liked them so it was more for me.
I liked the mixed fruit, the peaches and the Strawberries (before they discontinued them). I could live without the pears.
03USMC said:
I liked the mixed fruit, the peaches and the Strawberries (before they discontinued them). I could live without the pears.

I liked the pears!! How about the brown packet coffee, thought they just dug up some dirt and put it in the packet. Or the potato patty. I think the first generation MRE's were made to weed out the weak. Ate them for a 5 week period, no B rats or T rats, man it was terrible.
Hulk didn't you read the packet "Contains no real coffee". The potato patties were the last thing I'd eat card board and salt. Yeah those first generation MRE's made many a strong man weep.

Do you remember "Track Pads" also known as Brownie Chocolate Covered? Even little filipino kids wouldn't take em.
I remember them, it was the first MRE I ever ate in boot, MRE Menu 3, will never forget that number, had to eat the entire thing in 10 minutes and drink a canteen....how about the red powder that was called "Ketchup"
Ketchup Yeah ! Ever try to get just enough water mixed in to put it on an MRE cheese burger (Dehydrated Beef Pattie Cheese and crackers before anybody asks). You ended up with ethier red water or a gritty paste.

My first MRE was beef stew the only thing I remember was the DI's bogartin everybodies deserts.
The gum was the best, could throw it at the enemy if you ran out of ammo :rambo:

The DI's were coco hunting during boot, it was November.
Well you had to do something with the gum. If you tried to chew it you'd spend a couple days at dental.

Cocoa I used to make grunt moca with it Cocoa coffee and creamer .
Did you ever get to go to Alpine Warrior in Mn and Alaska? THe Cold Weather rats were unique....had them while in Norway too during Northern Wedding/Bold Guard '86
Camp Ripley Mn 20 miles from no where and cold as a witches .......Well you know. Never went to Norway though but I heard all "and there I was draggin the poke across a fjord when......" sea stories. The cold weather rats were indeed different.
What the!!!!!!!!! No body likes to eat CRPs it is a matter of having too. So I dont and will not have a favourite ration pack menu as they are all crap. The MREs you guys are raving about are just as bad as our CRPs. Like I said its a matter of having to eat them not because you like them cos you dont have a choice.

YUCK,YUCK and more bloody YUCK
Stand Down Digger. We , if you look at the posts from those of us who had to subsist on MRE's were not singing their praises. We were discussing which was the best if you hadto eat them. We were also smashing them pretty hard.

Hulk I thought the energy (granola bar) tasted like sawdust the Cold Ration were kinda forgetable course it's been almost 20 years. Wasn't there some kinda of concrete chocolate bar?
The energy bar and granola bar ARE different (had to live on these things for awhile) Used to trade the "chocolate bar" to Newbies for their spaghetti, most took the bait at least once.....

And Scott it is a discussion of the hatred of eating these things over and over and over again for extended periods of time.

03, BTW: the drink powder wasn't bad in the LRP/MCW meal, just don't let it sit in a canteen cup, it corroded it horribly...
My favorite meal is the Chicken with Salsa meal! Mix in the mexican rice with the ckicken. Oh its sooo good.