What's your favorite Camo Patern??

Yeah and sometimes having several sets of clothing and changing all the time is simply not practical. A compromise pattern can be useful and when it comes to that Multicam isn't a bad pattern at all.
I think our German "Flecktarn" is a good Camo Pattern! It comes close to the new digital stuff the US Forces introduce to their different branches. I also started a topic but not many members wrote down their favorite BDU´s.

Greetz Joker

I have US Marpat and German flecktarn and yes they both work well. I think the original Natzi flecktarn is even better.
ERDL Pattern

I like the ERDL Pattern that the USMC wore prior to the adoption of Woodland. I was first issued 2 sets of Green Dominant ERDL and 2 sets of Brown Dominant ERDL. Later on, the Green dominant was dropped.

Green Dominant;

Brown Dominant;

Green Dominant;

Brown Dominant;

I found this interesting, this is the Urban version of Marpat from the USMC


Yeah, I remember this. The Marines killed this at the last second. (Someone made 12" action figures wearing this pattern in anticipation)

Love German Flecktarn, I'd like to find a set of the desert pattern someday. Would love to make a bonfire out of ACUs.

Here's something I'd like an opinion on. I just bought a hat in the new multicam pattern. It reminded me of the Waffen SS spring pattern camo. What do you guys think?
For me it's Vietnam era jungle tiger stripes followed closely by woodland pattern depending on which environment you find yourself.

At this time since the Army insists on reinventing the wheel I think the multi-cam is great. The ACU pattern HAS to go.

When my son was in Ranger School his class still wore BDUs while the Ranger Instructors wore the then new ACUs. The students could see them coming through the woods from a great distance & were able to react accordingly.