What's your favorite Camo Patern??


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Advantage Wetland camouflage!!
I think our German "Flecktarn" is a good Camo Pattern! It comes close to the new digital stuff the US Forces introduce to their different branches. I also started a topic but not many members wrote down their favorite BDU´s.

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I think ACU works great at long lange

These are all actual issue and not a civilian knock off.
In this test we will be looking at ACU and Marpat for 50-200 meters.



Marpat Desert and ACU







Vietnamese Tiger Stripe is extremely effective in heavily wooded areas.

This Swedish pattern looks like it would stand out but it actually blends it quite well in the forest.

I also have to second German flecktarn. It's probably what I would buy if I were getting a BDU for airsofting, if I didn't consider that disrespectful to those who actually wear the uniform. All my picks are for woodlands because that's where I live.
Interesting. I may be doing some contracting with the USFS this year, so I'll be around a lot of green.

I'm wondering what the best vehicle pattern is....? I am thinking I may get away of Olive Drab, because while it WAS my favorite color, now it just doesn't feel like that anymore. It feels more "blah".
I'm trying to think of a good pattern for my truck. What would be the best pattern? If I did the multicam, what size would the squares be?
I think it's way over rated. Marpat works better and when it comes to desert and Urban it takes a giant crap

Perfect camo do not exist for big troops movement. In the state I live there is a full big desert but if it rains for a day it would be full coloured of green and lots of flowers, 15 kms from the main town, 50 kms away there is a nice big forest and in north even snows in winter.

So troops should have to move with a wardrobe for all that changes in a few miles.

Perfect camo only exists for snipers, who study the action zone and personalyze their camo before.

Sven Hassel said something like that in one of his books "It doesn´t matter if we paint our tanks in white, because color of snow in Russia changes every month" (of course is better to be as caouflaged as posible, but it´s almost impossible because terrain changes continuosly while you advance)