Whats the biggest gun that you ever used??

Does a 155mm howitzer count? I only fired that once though.

Other than that my job for years was firing 4.2 inch (four-duece or 107mm) heavy mortar.
1217 said:
about face said:
i shoot birds with my bb gun. does that count :lol:
Why would you do that?

My uncle used to do that. He would kill the birds with rocks as they stood on the church steeple, then take them home, clean them, cook them, and eat them. It was a third world country. *licks chops*
I once shot a bird from sawedoff shotgun,the main thing is that i put a 'little' bit more explosive charge than needed,almost burned my hand :?
DTop said:
Why would you saw off a shotgun for bird hunting?

Because them suckers charge when they are wounded..its the only way to make sure you get him...before he gets you... :D

Seriously...why would anyone hunt birds with a sawed off shot gun? the only thing (from the press, i mean) i ever heard of them good for was holding up banks... :D
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humm ...

.22 cal .17 hmr .219 zipper .50 cal
military .45 5.56 9mm .50 ma duce my fav :D 105 mm m60a1 5 rounds what a thrill
20 mm on a bradley :D :D that was fun 100 rounds

at4 anti tank rocket and some misc iraqi fire arms