Whats the biggest gun that you ever used??

I fired expert on a crew served weapon at White Sands. I was the aquisition radar operator when we downed a drone with a Nike Hercules HE. I didn't push the "burst" button but I sat next to the BCO who did. Can I use this as an example?
Could he have pushed the button without you? If the answer is no then I would say you share equally in the thrill since it is a crew served weapon but I think Charge is the final arbiter on this.
I guess it realy depends on what you classify as a "Gun" You make the choice

M82A1 Barret
.50cal BMG
MK 19 40mm Machine Gun
FGM-148 Javlin Anti-Tank Missle
M198 Howitzer

Just the ones I have fired more than once. I don't count the others as it was a one shot deal.
Gun hmmm... i guess thats the Grenade-Pistol or is a Panzerfaust (Bazooka?) considered a "gun", i don't know the specific definition of the english word :) IN GErmany the Panzerfaust is considered a hand-gun because you can use it with your hands...
Else it is the Zwisola (Zwillings Sockel Lafette), thats two MG 3 on a big socket, mainly to fight fency air things.
Oh i almost forgot to mention shoting the Stinger once... gotta go now, my Regiment and my soldiers are waiting, maybe these days ill get to shoot something bigger ;)
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Fired personally, a 105 mm. naval gun, a 40 mm. Bofors, a 75 mm. Bofors, 20 mm. Rheinmetall, and the 84 mm. Carl Gustav, in cronological order.

Had the dirty job of cleaning the 150 mm. naval gun and a 127 mm. Skoda after they were fired... :cen:

But there was this occation where we got to load, elevate (by hand crank) and simulate firing og a 38 cm. Krupp naval gun, and then pull the inert charges and the 740 kg. grenade out of the breach again...
Allmost glad we didn't actually got to fire the thing, and clean it afterwards!!! :lol:
Doubled up on my previous one. Well, tripled, actually - we did a PACFIRE/IMPASS shoot on the USS Normandy while I was aboard. I made my way to CIC and got to fire about five rounds each from both the 51 and 52 mounts aboard ship.

The attachment is the 52 mount (stern) during the PACFIRE series. This was taken from the flight deck.


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203mm Howitzer M110A2 (8 inch - heard ALL over). Very loud especially when firing Charge 8 (humongous amount of powder). The M109A5/6 is almost as impressive firing Charge 8 Super and I've done that a time or two as well 8)

Other than that, M2HB .50 cal MG :biggun:(my all time favorite MG)
and the usual assortment of other "small" arms. :D
60mm mortar, 84mm Carl G recoiless rifle, M203, 12 gauge shotgun, C7A1 and C7A2 5.56mm (M-16), C9 5.56mm (M-249 SAW), C6 7.62mm (M-240). Those would have to be the biggest boner makers I have fired.
Apart from the usual 84 Carl Gustov, 81 mm Mortar, Jimpys etc, the nastiest rifle I ever fired was a 55 Boys Anti Tank Rifle owned by a fellow rifle club member in UK. The recoil was horrendous!
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Well, the M68 105mm rifled tank gun is the biggest I fired. Fired probably close to 100 rounds of that. Also 20mm training ammo(fired from the 105 with an adapter), which is kind of redicules after the 105. 60 mm mortar.

Actual small arms wise...I guess the 0.5 M2 MG, although i fired it with strings, not actually touching the MG.

So the biggest one i actually manualy fired was the FN-MAG 7.62... Probably about 30-40 thousand rounds all togather.
Mine would be the K201 (Korean production M203 for use with K2 rifles) and the K3 which is pretty much South Korean production FN Minimi.
Biggest I've ever played with was a privately owned WWI Ordnance QF 13 pounder.

In terms of firearms.... Finnish Lahti L-39 20mm anti-tank rifle... ammunition if about $80 a round. I fired off one round.