What penalty should Saddam get??

What penalty should Saddam get??

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I think life in prison, even though I am in favour of the death penalty. There is no need to make a martyr out of him, and an old man in prison is less inspiring to potential terrorists than a dictator who was "murdered". It is not as inspiring to watch someone who has had all their power taken away from them have to wear a prison uniform and do as he's told. But if they execute him, his dying words would likely be used as a talisman for many years.
what if he will escape?!!!
What if they will ask for his release for the release of hostages....Kill him
I think that mother nature is giving him the punishment he deserves now anyway....

Rumors says that he has Lymph cancer, and that he has a maximum of two years left to live...
I say we sodomize him with a garbage can, then we tell the Iraqi people to gather up in town square, and release Saddam to the mobs. and if they treat him with respect, then well, I have a Barrett .50 Recoilless rifle round with his name on it.
GuyontheRight said:
Rumors says that he has Lymph cancer, and that he has a maximum of two years left to live...

Thats what they said about bin Laden and the kidney crap he had going on. Where did you hear this?

I think the rumor first started in an Kuwaiti newspaper "Al-Anba", January 8, and I heard about it on the news here in Norway.
But the information has not been confirmed yet...

But we could always hope that it's true... 8)
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Saddam killed hundreds to thousands of people. He raised HELL in Iraq. So he should be put in hell for all eternity.

If you kill people dont be afraid to die
I vote for Death, as the world is really better off with one less vicious, murdering dictator, but this is really up to the Iraqis to decide. :firedevi:
We have enough on him to put him to death 15 times...

plus, if he's got a lifetime sentence, some of his followers could break him out.
I am against death penalty only because judges cant be fully sure of the guiltness of people they sentence to death. Therefore I am against ( let's not reopen this, there's a thread already ).
Of course, since there's no doubt about Saddam's crimes ( I wouldnt need the DNA test :) ), I agree with him being put to death if that is Iraq's law.