What penalty should Saddam get??

What penalty should Saddam get??

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UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for a fair and open trial for Saddam Hussein, and said that the UN remained opposed to the death penalty.


What penalty do you think Saddam Hussein deserves?
Do you have any other (serious) options other than the two listed?
I'm personally (most of the time) against the Death Penalty.
And I don't think it's the right thing even in Saddams case.

Saddam is still a very popular man both in Iraq and in many muslem countries.
An execution could make him a martyr, and we could face a lot more terrorism after such an action.
Saddam does also have a lot of secrets that I think the rest of the world should know of, and it may take many years after he is convicted before he may tell the worst ones of them. (If he ever will do it)

I think maximum security, lifetime prison is what he deserves!
I wouldn't even take a chance even if it's 99,99% he won't get out.

I ain't for death penalty, but for others safety, It's definetly the best solution.

Who knows what he can cook up in jail with some criminals?

Naw, I don't trust him or other in that matter.
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I too want a 99,99999999999% secure prison (I think 100% is impossible to make...)
And he should of course sit there alone. (in the dark... 8) )
I don't trust the people in the prisons.

Everyone can be bought and some people just are betrayers by nature.

Just kill him and get it over with, I would gladly have him as a throphy in some museum.

Well, though, I hope he sits in the best prison of US.

Then I would rely more on the prison.

Better there then Russia.. :?

If he would sit in Russia, he would be out in 3 days.

Don't ask me why, I just know he will..
My Catholic nature usually tells me to be against the death penalty, but I think God will allow this exeption :D

Kill the bastard and get it over with :x
Yo! :shock:

Dude, Are you my freakin brother or something?

Just kidding though.. :?

I just like your ways.. We same to be of the same caliber as people say.. Hehe..

I am a catholic at heart.. I truly am, just haven't got my thumb out of my @ss and gone to church yet..

I maybe don't follow everything in the catholic belief, but catholism is what I believe in and what gives me strength and comfort. :D

But yeah.. I agree, kill the bastard and just go on with our lives..
Redleg said:
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for a fair and open trial for Saddam Hussein, and said that the UN remained opposed to the death penalty.

To be honest, I think the UN should go stick it. I think that President Bush is doing the right thing, giving the Iraqis the power to mete out justice as they see fit. The trial is going to be public, so that argument falls through, and claiming that the Iraqi people are less capable of providing a fair trial for Hussein is insulting on many levels. Hell, I'd even call it almost racist, and I hate that word because of how overused it is and how much people throw it around when the label is unwarrented. (Just to be clear, I'm not talking about you Redleg, just the UN's position) I don't think they actually are racist, they just want to flex their much reduced muscle after their horribly unsuccessful attempt at bullying the United States, Britain, and our true allies.

My personal view is that he deserves the death penalty (which I am 100% for incidentally), but like President Bush said, "my personal views aren't important in this matter." The Iraqi people have definitely earned the right to try him.
I didn't say that I personally was against a death penalty for Saddam.
If someone deserves one, it's him!

But I don't think it's the right thing to do because that may (strangely enough) be a victory for him...
Saddam earlier said that he would never be captured alive.
But he was, even if he had plenty of time to kill himself..
This is a great dishonor for him, and keeping him alive would be a much greater penalty than execution.
Both He and his remaining family would have to live with the shame, and get plenty of time to think about what he has done.
(If he ever should feel any regret for it).
An execution could bring back some of the honor to him, his family and his folowers, and make him a martyr, and trigger even more terrorism.
Honor is an extremely big thing in most muslem countries, even greater than death! (I know this from working down there).

And as I have mentioned before:
We have to get the truth about a lot of things out of him.
Without him admiting about his reign of terror, WMD's etc. we will just see a lot of people around the world denying that it ever did happen, and Bush, USA, GB would be made even bigger villains than some people claim that they are today...
Yeah, I agree now, it might be best to just exile him or lock him up, but then again those terrorists may always be reminded of him. After all, you can find inspiration in almost anything we do to him if your an 18 year old arab kid.
Actually that does make a lot of sense, just look at all the face and subsequently the power lost by Arafat when Israel effectively put him under house arrest in his own compound.
But again, I think that the Iraqis should ultimately decide his fate, whatever that may be.
death penalty

Hi im new to tis site and to the army for the matter but i think he should be put to death rather than life in prison. That way we dont have to take the cahnces of him somehow making it out
I am for the death penalty in some cases(don't know which ones), but in Saddam's case I say the death penalty is too good for him. I would much rather see him rot in prison for the rest of his life than be put to a swift end. I bet anything he gets lynched or assassinated sooner or later anyways.
i think he should life withou the chance of parole in a maximum security prison.....i don't want him getting put out of his misery too quickly. i think he needs to suffer as long as his people did.
Yeah, though the death penalty would be pretty satisfying, it'd only be so in the short term. He ain't his sons, he's actually got some stuff inside his head.

Thorough head-spelunking to get all the intelligence gems that a commander in chief would have is the best thing I can think of. Not to mention what the sentence of just giving him a dreary regular joe schmoe treatment in a prison would do to his image.

He's already hit rock bottom, let's give him the shovel to start digging. Killing him off would be way too simple, much as it'd be fun.

And if we were to kill him, don't do it in such a cruel and destructive measure, that'd give him the opportunity to become a martyr in his reception of his death. Make it something so simple and surgicially humiliating. Like lethal injections.

O, and i forgot, imagine some whacky terorist group managed to break him out of jail.....do you know what effect that would have????
Israel captured a few big terorist, and i regret that death is not allowed as a sentece here....apart from Nazi war criminals...
It now seems that Saddam's status has changed. He is now considered a POW. I don't know how this will play out on who gets to prosecute him. I say he should be handed over to the Iraqi people and let them decide his fate. The only problem with th Iraqi justice system in this matter is that it is so new that there are no precidents set for trial law. Everything would be brand new to the system with holding a trial for him. The court officers in Iraq do not have the experience that other countries have since justice was a very subjective thing under that dictator.

Bottom line is that the Iraqis have the ultimate right to deal with him and we should hand him over to the new government as soon as it is ready and able to deal with him. He may be a POW but he is still answerable for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The only problem is that Iraq has done away with the death penality since it was so abused under his rule. I'm sure they are more than capable of solving this matter on their own as well it should be.

Now Bin Laden is another story and we should be the ones to deal with him as soon as he is captured. I find it ironic that capturing Bin Laden could give us more grief in the long run as we are seeing with what should be done with Saddam. One side of me says it would be better just to kill him outright on sight, which may be his fate, but the other side says that there would be a wealth of information that could be gleaned from his capture.

For the record, I am pro death penalty when the law calls for this kind of punishment. Some say it is not a deterrent, but I beg to differ. No one has ever been a repeat offender who has had this punishment meted out to them.