What is your military experience?

I did my military service as a Military Police in the Finnish airforce starting in 1994. Basic tarining in the army, them MP course and then service in an airbase security / Anti -SOF unit in the airforce.

Now I'm a reservist like 80% of Finnish male population. :) I'm as active as I can be. (I'm doing my masters degree, which takes quite a lot of time.)
Not actually in the military, but I have dealt with with people of just about every rank there is(even a couple of completely tanked specialists in the Army!). Even met a General once.
My Great Uncle was the longest serving Padre(Podre?) in WWII, His name was Father Tommy (I think, My parents arent around and I cant Remember) McManus and I am (Nearly) a Private in the Cadets if that counts as Military(It counts as National Defense!)
I haven't had any real Military experience yet, but I've spent the last six years with the 154 Amherst Anson Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. During that time, I've held every position you can get in your average 30 Cadet squadron, from Flight Deputy Commander to Squadron Commander (Including Flag Party Commander). I retired as a Warrant Officer 2nd Class. I've attended many summer training courses, including Glider Pilot and Power Pilot Training.
spent 1 1/2 years as an aerospace aircraft fuel systems mechanic, alomst 2 years as an augmentee for the AF security forces,3 years as an infantryman in the army I am currently with HQ STARC MP-5.
I have been in the Army for nearly 6 years. I havn't been lucky enough to experience a lot because my job doesn't have a lot of oppertunities to get schools and such. So all I have for now is Combat Lifesaver Course. It is hard for me to do things in the army because i broke my back in 1999 and i have a permanant profile against running. i wish so badly that i could fix my back and move on to a different mos and experience all the army has to offer.
I am the United States Army National Guard, soon to be Active Army. I have been in since 1998. For the first five years of my enlistment there was really nothing excited that happened. I just drilled and went to college, but starting in Mar 03 I got activated and have been on the same mission since. I dont want to be repetitive because I have explained most of this on other topics so I wont go into further depth here
the army!

i am in the army and been in for 3 years. I just completed my first book about it and its got great reviews