what is your favorite truck

Since "trucks" aren't a big thing in Australia I'd have to say a Toyota Hilux SR5 or Mitsubishi Triton duel cab. Utes are bigger here, and if we were to include them I'd say a Holden VY SS is my favourite.
If they were big in Austrailia you would want a Dodge, so just for the record Aussienick likes Dodge.



Well, you said truck...
Unimog, We've got those here. They are top stuff.

I'll like Dodge if that's what is "cool" 8) :D

When I first read the question I was thinking along the lines of Mack, Kenworth, Volvo... But I read on.
My 2003 4WD quad cab for comfort, power and storage comartments.

Looks wise - I think I like the Ford as much.

But, I just saw an article on what I believe will re a rerun of the Dodge Power Wagon in 2005 - wish I could have waited 2 more years.

But I'll have one in a few years !!!
land rover. sure the range rover has better power, more luxury, better dimensions, and better offroading capability, but most of the owners don't have the balls to take it off road. i would if i had one. my dad got the discovery series ii when it first came out in 2000. it's a great truck. if i could find all of the pictures we took when we took it off road i'd post them. but the new LR3 is an amazing truck too. my dad is looking to get one since he sold the Discovery last year.

I dunno if you'd consider a fourbie Land Rover to be a "truck" as such. I thought the idea of a truck was 2 or 4 doors, tray out the back and 4wd. I may be wrong, but I thought it was the equivilent of a dual cab ute in Australia.

Like these examples:


and here are some examples of what we refer to as Utes for those who don't know what we mean:


Holden VU SS Ute


Ford BA XR8 Ute
EagleStrike said:
Hummer H1 ... Alpha version maybe. And its actually more fuel efficient!!
you can't use Hummer and fuel efficient in the same sentance. it might be more fuel efficient, but that doesn't mean it's fuel efficient ;)

hey what about................EDDIE STOBART..........................

ok truck..........lorry.........lorry........truck..........kinda same when its up ur behind on the motorway!
Aussie nick those pics you showed really reminded me of the Chevy El Camino, and the lesser known Ford Ranchero. Needless to say and car/truck thing kicks ass. :cowb:
ewwww no. I saw that thing in a dealership the other day. Ugliest thing ever. O well, gotta give Dodge credit for trying something new.
LOL well it said the Hummer H1 Alpha could go about 600 miles on one tank of gas... ahh I wonder how big the gas tank is.

Ford F-150 Lariat is pretty nice also