what is your favorite truck

1987 Ford F350 quad cab long bed with a 4 inch lift kit and a big ol' chrome cow catcher, I hear only really good looking intelligent guys drive those. :lol:
My brother drives a 1976 Dodge Powerwagon, which one are you talking about? And, yes, it is a real nice powerful truck. Has a bit of redneck charm to it courtesy of a .30-06 hole in the hood. :lol:
Hummer H3T.... No not really i think these trucks are a rip off and disgrace to the original Humvee. I like the newer model chevys. i am not much of a ford fan
Toyota pickup, if you know how to work on one. You can find them in pretty much whatever country you land in.
dangerously good truck

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my 3 favs are the

New Ford Superduty'swith the powerstroke diesel

Ford Lightning... supercharged V8

Dodgre Ram SRT10... pickup with a viper motor and a 6 speed!!!
The Technical I am going to make.

A new Dodge shortbed, single cab, with a twin turb Cummins diesel, and a plimp exhuast system, 4 by 4 of course.

The fire power will come from the passenger with a assualt rifle, and the hydrualic Machine gun turret in the back. Twin .30 cals that shoot .30 cal buckshot ammo for inner city, and regular ammo for desert warfare. It will all be covered in reactive armor, kevlar, and bullet resistant glass. It's gonna own the Warthog (from Halo), mostly becuz its real.

You all know that sounds cool. :cowb: