What is your Favorite Knife?

I want to play Lance Corporal "They don't like it up em" Jones. lol:horsie:

That would be a little tough for me, my dear Freyja... :cry:

Imagine me, an Asian, in Dads Army, and trying to speak with a British accent... that is going to be interesting, and plus my size...

I probably end up like this guy below, though not with the uniform...naturally... I see notthhhing, I know nothhing....

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34ag4nkSh7Q&feature=related"]I See Nothing - Sgt Schultz - YouTube[/ame]
And if they do a remake of Dad's Army, then you two could probably play the main characters!

Come to think, about it, me, Opa Brit, 13, 42RM, zhaldev, and the rest of jovial chaps would probably make a good cast of characters in the remake of Hogan Heroes...

I love that series... my favourite character (no price for guessing) has always been Sgt Schultz...

And zhaldev, thanks for the photos... and in the words of my good Marine friend, they ARE bad assess...:camo:
Here are some pics of Gurkha regiment:







and yes they are not just doorman,they are elite of Indian Armed Forces and we are proud of them.

When my dad was in Burma during WW2 a Gurkha soldier gave him his knife... tweren't for playing * humbly-peg* that is for sure.

Oh, and hope you don't mind me helping to display your images.

I carried a reproduction of a Fairbairn/Sykes -
twas my favorite knife back in the day
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