What is your favorite firearm? #2

I must say, it nothing to do with being english, but the best firearm i've ever fired is the SA80 A2 rifle, its so versatile, extremly easy to strip and clean, so easy to fire, and has two adaptations
And what other firearms have you used? I'm genuinely curious, given the lack of availability of most military-style weapons in the UK.
I wish they were allowed to sell semi-auto L85s in the States, it got a bad name from the original and A1 variant but everyone who uses the L85A2/3 seems to love it.
Autopistol- Browning High-Power 9mm
Revolver- Smith and Wesson Model 10
Assault Rifle- AK in 7.62X39
Bolt-Action Rifle- Lee-Enfield .303
Shotgun- Mossberg Model 500

Honorable Mention- AR-15A2
Nice list CornCod.

I like the Browning Hi-Power as a sentimental favorite auto pistol.

The S&W Model 10 is a classic ... but I prefer something more modern in a revolver. My S&W 686 (basically a Colt Python copy) is nice ... but the colt has a better fit and finish and the .357 round is very capable.

The AK (AK-47? AKM?) is a benchmark firearm but I would prefer a Finish Valmet as the fit and finish (and probably accuracy) will be better. The 7.62x39mm cartridge is fine as it is.

Lee Enfield .303 is by far my favorite bolt action rifle.

I prefer a Remington 870 to a Mossberg shotgun.
As far as the specific AK variants are concerned, I would prefer an AK-103, the modernized AKM with plastic furniture. I have never used one, but I own a 7.62X39 Saiga, which is a derivative of the AK-103 and am rather fond of it.
i gotta say i have no military experience but if i had to use anything id use the m4 carbine. i don't really want anything flashy, just something reliable and accurate .
Did you just use M4 and reliable in the same sentence?
Actually the one I got to use wasn't bad but wasn't exactly the most reliable thing in the world either.
I did with the one I tried, but that was when I was a pup and used to my 5 shooting nomatter how beat up it got.
Did trials in sub arctic terrain... Not very reliable at 40 deg C below.
The M16/AR15 family of rifles and carbines has to be maintained, because quite frankly it's operating system craps where it eats and if the carbon is allowed to build up you will have problems. The newer commerical models using the gas impingement systems are better.
S&W No.3 Russian Model, with the tell tale trigger guard extension. That and maybe Winchester 1873 replica, love working the lever action.
I loved the M240B. The one I got to shoot my first go around sucked.. The cover kept popping open, so I had to hold it down with my left hand, and just walked my rounds into the target, so I did get to go rambo with it for a while. I was not a fan of the sites though. So I have to say my favorite weapon I shot so far is the M249 AR. I love the line up of the irons. It felt very comfortable to me, and just on with every burst of fire I put down range.

I was most suprised by the M203s, I only shot chalk rounds but I loved watching them go out like a baseball.