What is your favorite firearm? #2

Assault Rifle- AKM (or Ak-103)
Battle Rifle- FN-FAL
Auto Pistol- Browning Hi-Power
Revolver- S&W Model 10
Shotgun- Mossberg 500
Personally, my favorite is my own .30-30 Model 94 Winchester lever action. It's the most enjoyable firearm I've ever used, and that includes the M16, M240B, M249, M203, and the M9. It's extremely accurate and well-balanced, and has been proven by almost 150 years of use (not mine, but the design haha). It also packs a pretty serious punch and has good range (I usually only use it around 150-300 yards, but have made longer shots without any difficulties).[/QUOTE]

Interesting. Out of all the firearms I have used I am about as comfortable with my .270 Model 70 Winchester bolt as anything else.
Of all the rifles I want, I would have to say that a HK G3 takes my heart, but out of all the guns I have, I love my 870 riot shotgun, damn that things a blast.
Fn Scar qcq I have never shot one but it makes me drool. For what I have shot? Honestly the Smith and wesson 45 M&P was wonderfull and very acurate when I shot it. Although the ar I just ordered might take it's place.
I've owned and shot an enormous number of firearms, military and civilian and I always come back to the ones chambered in caliber.22. I have both handguns ( revolvers and semi-auto) and rifles in this caliber and I shoot them often, two or three times a month.
Why? Cost for one thing. .22 ammunition is much less costly than any centerfire ammunition. I reload and even then, .22 is still cheaper.
It is much easier to find a place to shoot a .22. My gun club has both outdoor and indoor ranges. In winter, when the weather is terrible, I can shoot .22 rifle and pistol on the indoor range. .22 firearms are extremely accurate and fun to shoot.
Also, airguns have their place. I have a 7 meter indoor range in my garage and I shoot air rifle and pistol whenever I wish.
303 Enfield

I'm partial to the old bolt-action British Lee Enfield 303 complete with brass butt and snipping sights. Got a bit of a kick and weights ~ 10 pounds. Accurate to >> 300 yards
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Air guns for training

I'm sure that some of our members live in countries where the ownership or use of firearms is severely restricted or prohibited, especially for young persons. In those cases air guns can be used as useful training devices to learn safety, proper gun handling and marksmanship. In the U.S., air rifles are used in the Junior ROTC ( JROTC) program in high schools. The preferred model is the Daisy 753. I once coached a Navy JROTC unit in air rifle. The Navy furnished a portable rifle range consisting of a set of collapsible screens with Kevlar curtains that could be set up in minutes under the viewing stands of the football ( American football) stadium allowing us to shooting any weather. Our group competed against other JROTC groups in one or two face-to-face matches each year and competed in at least one postal match. Another option is airsoft. These are airguns that shoot 5mm plastic pellets. The guns are extremely realistic and look and function like the "real steel". They are powered by gas or batteries and are reasonably accurate at close range. Many airsoft teams or clubs go all out with uniforms and equipment like their real world counterparts and train and practice in rigorously authentic tactics. It may be an option for those forum members who don't have access to firearms.
Favorite gun

If I were limited to just one firearm I would pick the tried and true 1911 .45ACP.Proven reliable in combat for over 100 years.Plenty of stopping power in a quick handling package that can be concealed if need be.Acceptable combat accuracy and versitile.My top choice 1911 would probably be the Kimber Eclipse Custom 2.A beutiful gun made to the highest standards and a joy to fire.I would trust my life to it.

The HK-416 is my favorite firearm in the world.
To me the three most practicable carry guns are ones that fire .22 mag , 380 , .45 single stack , the 380 Kel Tec fits in the palm of your hand the 380 is a hot round and up close is potent , the .45 is a hammer but requires a lot of range time to be good with it .
DGW .50 Poor Boy.
Shooting it about 20 years.
Got more, but I like this one.
Turner Kirkland handed it to me.


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M14 I love that gun and its variants. from the moment I touched it it just felt right you never want to put it down. Its accurate, is reliable and punch through most body armor and rip anything behind it to pieces.

That being said i want to try an HK-416.
This post always gets a lot of action.
Well, tonight I'm going to a Christmas tree lighting festival in the city square. I have been volunteered to assist with security. i will be carrying a Glock model 27 ( mini - Glock) in caliber .40 S&W. The gun has Tritium night sights and will be loaded with 124 grain Speer Gold Dot ammunition.
Don't get the idea that this is in response to the San Bernardino terrorist act. I always go around armed like that. I live in a "shall-issue' state, meaning that the authorities have to issue a concealed handgun license unless there is cause to deny one. It is not discretionary on their part.
Incidentally, one of our city councilman owns a guns shop. He says that he may be late to the party. The customers in his gun shop are lined up waiting for their state police background checks on the computer. The state police system is backed up for hours due to record gun sales on this day.
Yes, I live in a state and a country where a citizen has the right to shoot back, if they choose to exercise that right.