what is your favorite car (non truck)

My favorite all time car was the 1971 Honda Civic Station wagon with the CVCC 1.5 liter engine...Looks plus fuel economy :shock:

My Favorite car now...is my 2000 Daewoo Lanos. Its a rice burner...with a freaking attitude. :D
Daewoo is the company, based in Korea. GM took them over, and now they dont make these particular models anymore :cry: Lanos is the model, mine is the three door hatchback. Mine is really well built and has had no problems so far: as the takeover by GM started, the cars really got worse and developed a bad rep.

When you take the govenor off the fuel pump...its possible to go 130 mile per hour substained. I know this, because i got a chance to drive the cars for about four months in Italy before i bought one in the states...but when i attempted to drive it like that in US...the darn car shut down at 100 MPH because of the fuel pump govenor. That was a nasty and unexpected trick.. :D

Its just as well...i cant afford the tickets here anyway :p
:lol: Heck, I got my F350 up to 100 mph (my speedometer doesn't go that high, but my buddy was trailing me and his does) ounear Portola where they got this pretty good straight slope that goes for about 5 or 6 miles. Yeeha for gravity.
I'm on my second Mustang GT, so I will have to go with that.

But the new (2005) model due in September is just plain UGLY. I like the front, but the back looks like an Audi TT. Horrible car.
Have you seen the new mustang mach1? SWEEEEEEET!
But my vote has to go with the volkswagen beetle (and derivatives thereof). Cheap, simple, fun, easy to work on, and chicks dig it. So it's slow? so what? Just put on some bored out sleeves/new pistons, some performance heads, an open exhaust, a performance ignition, and twin weber carbs. You'll be doing 70mph in no time!
I had a 69 Chevy Impala with a 327 motor 8)
as for Imports pfffffft I want REAL STEEL around me not a bunch of RECYCLED BEER cans..
SilverPhoenix said:
I know that you are so right in this Redneck.. Streetracing was more called "chicken race"..

Two old muscle cars were meeting up in the streets and it was a way to show who ruled the town..

therefor the streetracnig began!

But frmo that.. We live in 2004.. No need to drive a old muscle car.. (though it may have alot to give in those races)

But I think even though I still agree with Redneck about Muscle cars being the first to introdce this wonderful racing and to now use it as a more satisfying lifestyle..

But now a days is the muscle cars not as popluar.. Well, not in Sweden.. When it comes to streetracing.. Toytoa Supra and a few fords is the one ruling the streets over here..

As well as the US :!: owned Volvo!!!

GOD!!! I love that US - ford Company - Bought Volvo!!

Long live the Fords!!!

And i hate that they bought Parts of volvo! Remember that they actually didnt buy volvo only a small part of it ;)

I got to say, koenigsegg. But i've allways wanted a Hummer althoug i guess that counts for truck heh
Fiat, Mini and Honda

My favorite cars are already mine: a "64 Fiat, 500cc air cooled, 17hp, a 1000cc Mini and the Honda 600 (cc!) I am buying tomorow!!!
0 to 60.....within a day!!! :lol:
Lots of attention and go Kart feeling + I can park laterally 3 cars in a one car spot in my garage!!!