what is your favorite car (non truck)

i live next to this guy who owns a ford cobra.. black
its so simple and sleek but damn i can just imagine how fast it can go.

it looks so peaceful
so simple
Hmm.. This is my favourite topic..

Those wich I like because you can remake them into better cars.. Real streetracing cars is:

Ford Fiesta, Ford Escort, Ford Sierra, Toyota Celica, Toyota Supra, Toyota Camry..

Hmm.. Those cars I don't wanna change but own anyways:

KOENIGSEGG :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :shock:

Then a SALEEN S7!!! 8)

Maybe a Maserati.. Dunno about that one yet..

Ferrari? Well, They would do, kinda a really boring car.. Nothing that you can do anything with except drive.. I like working with cars. So that would be a car that would be just worth nothing for me except for the looks and the engine.

But in all this.. The favourite car I like... :?

Now I gotta think..

Ford Escort VIP... That is one hell of a car if you tune it up and design it different.. And spray a new motive on it and remake the whole car into one hell of a streetracing car..

Hmmm.. I think I should stop here.. Before this post get toooooooooo long. :?

This is a discussion I could talk and discuss about in ages..
Some are, The few ones who lives and tries to be americans by heart.

but naw, Volvo's and other cars are dominating our streets right now..

But yeah, I can't say thet mucle cars are out of fasion.. Because when summer comes they are all over the street. :D

So don't worry about the muscle cars.. They do exist here in sweden..

Though I wont drive one as far as I know..

I have found myself a Ford Escort. So I am satisifed.

Streetracing.. :rock:

dude I am drooling all ready for the streets...
Well, why don't I come over so you can show me then, "Cowboy"? :twisted:

I doubt that a muscle car is fun at all.. No speed, No adrenaline..

So where is the fun? :p
Of you could only ride in my 1975 chevy camaro..
its not the bestest muscle,, but it made the girls all giddy!
you can feel the power in the seats and the g force(well almost)

it was a sweet car.. those rice burners wont complete with a nice 350 block with a nice holley carb.. some glasspacks for effect and a old style 400e tranny
Now I don't claim to be any expert on cars I'm thinking boonie bouncing has little to do with muscle cars and more to do with a type of terrain racing(as opposed to street racing). Correct me if I'm wrong Redneck.
It has to do with trucks, actually. And the terrain you drive them in, too, but it's not racing, it's just going out and beating the heck out of your truck on the roughest terrain you can possibly navigate in it. Also check out mud-bogging, which is good times, too.

Muscle cars have power and attitude, as well as speed. Granted, they can't hit the speeds those little rice rockets can, but it's made up for by the fact that you'll survive if you hit a butterfly at top speed, which I can't guarantee you in a street racer. :wink: Muscle cars were actually the original street racers, my Dad drove a 1967 Plymouth 426 Hemi GTX back in the day, and that was one slick car.
I know that you are so right in this Redneck.. Streetracing was more called "chicken race"..

Two old muscle cars were meeting up in the streets and it was a way to show who ruled the town..

therefor the streetracnig began!

But frmo that.. We live in 2004.. No need to drive a old muscle car.. (though it may have alot to give in those races)

But I think even though I still agree with Redneck about Muscle cars being the first to introdce this wonderful racing and to now use it as a more satisfying lifestyle..

But now a days is the muscle cars not as popluar.. Well, not in Sweden.. When it comes to streetracing.. Toytoa Supra and a few fords is the one ruling the streets over here..

As well as the US :!: owned Volvo!!!

GOD!!! I love that US - ford Company - Bought Volvo!!

Long live the Fords!!!
I'm with you there, SilverPhoenix!

The reason I love muscle cars and don't care much for rice burners is that they're more manly, to be honest, you can just feel the power in them. It's like the difference between a tiger and a cheetah, the cheetah may be a bit faster, but once the tiger catches up it's gonna whoop some a**.

:lol: :lol:
I am a cheetah person.. Maybe the tiger can catch up a cheetah after trying the last 5 hours.. :lol:

But I like it fast.. and I like it quick.. :twisted:

Cheetah is the perfect cars for me.. :wink:
Chrysler is a really good car.. :)

I would wan't one myself.. If the design would be better.. :?
the things with the little rice burners is that on the 1/4 mile yeah they might go quick and fast for maybe a few seconds and then they give out... for the 1 mile .. definately the muscle car.. they have the sustained speed. .. and plus you dont have to replace the pistons once you race a muscle car unlike the rice burner