What if ...

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Just keep the What if going.. Sorry for the out off topic.

What if rain drops could be my tears of my vapid fear..

Yes, this is near Instant massenging....look at my new signature...Gunner13 said it when i started posting...(he wrote somthing about israel, i commented alot, redleg moved my comments because they were off toppic....)

do you mean the WTC?
what if the twins were never bombed(?)

Then the USA and the western world would have taken alonger time to realise that their at war with a serious enemy...

No.The reason is that fundamentalist islamic groups are motivated by values that are completely opposing to those of the west.But no one in the US gave it a thought untill 9/11.
Re: lol

sherman105 said:
Ok, now this is officially a wierd forum.

Muhahahahahaha... :twisted:

What if it turned out that it was the rest of the world that was insane, and not me.. 8)
What if people finally understood that people are different and its okay?

That was my moment of profound brillance, too bad it ended.
Hmm, that must be alot of complaints.

What if...um if i had a question to ask?

What if i wasnt bored out of my mind?
What if the USA wasn't around?

What if gunpowder was never discovered?

What if people had scent glands like skunks?!?! :!: :shock:

I would have to say the third would be the worst.
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