What if ...

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What if I am really right about that one?

What if I challenged you o mudwrestling and what IF I won that one!?

:lol: Is anybody else scared?
I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've been challenged to mud wrestle anybody. :lol:
Didn't mean to scare you guys off with that thougt..

That is the only thing I have wrestled.. We used to do it as kids when we had the barn, and then right beside the barn we used to wet up mud and wrestle.

Hey, I am grown up with it. What can I say?

when you say kids you mean you and other Sweedish teenage girls?.... :D

hey, what can i say, im seventeen....
Well, Naw, My childhood frend Rickard and me actually did it..

But now you guys made it come out worser then it is..

Christ, No one thinks riding a cow is as interesting, Or riding young bulls.

But still I did it..

Stop thinking of me that way.. :?

Maybe it came out wrong..

Maybe I should be quite now.. :?
Okay my posts r going to far back in the conversation, but thats alright.

So how did we get from what if questions to riding bulls?
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