:?: What do u think about this Afghanistan analysis

To me Afghanistan just looks like a typical counter-insurgency operation. The only difference being this time it is theological/moral groups are waging war here instead of political/economic. Counter-insurgency is counter insurgency. We have to decisively win the war, whereas they don't have to win, they just have to not loose. History shows time and time again that it is very easy for the insurgent to complete his goals and that is extraordinarily difficult for the counter-insurgent to complete his.

If you haven't read it read Bernard Fall's Street Without Joy. Great book about the French Indochina War. Discusses large unit tactics against guerilla forces.

The ghosts of vietnam continue to haunt us. This is much more complitcated than that. If the US tries doesn't grow some ****ing cojones and follow through A LOT of GIs killed the same way that they did in the early 1970s. Once the NVA and VC heard this they smelled the blood in the water and saw the writing on the wall. After that their mission was to kill as many americans as possible. Not just send us home. Send us home with our tail between our legs. If we do not play our cards right then we will fall.

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