what are good and bad reasons to go to war

Eric said:
alex wrote: Good or bad?

It just depends on where one stands...

-dumped seeking revenge
-betrayed seeking revenge
-in love seeking possession
-horny seeking action
-misogynist seeking domination

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I know it's :eek:fftopic: but you forgot one: Trying to avoid your mother-in-law. :? :D
OK....Let us regain focus...

You are going to hate me for that but waddabut ........


"faulty intelligence"???........................................

Like the one provided by the Chalabis and the others???

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Good = Against Genecide, Threats of terrorism "such as afghanistan", Larger countries invading smaller countries for no reason such as desert storm.

Bad = Disputing Politics, ...OIL... and other resources, To try to finish up what your father didn't.

FutureRANGER said:
Anyone ever see the shrirt that says-

Except for ending Slavery, Facism, am, and Communism,


I think Imperialism is a good reason to go to war. ;)

Let's fight ya sumabitch! I don't like you very much... I declare war on FutureRANGER!!! :rambo: :D
I know I will be getting off topic here.
Personally I believe in defending one's self, and to honor your country by defending it from attacks. However, careful consideration has to be put into really deciding why someone would attack us. Most people never think of the reasons as to why someone would hate anyone so much, enough to attack them. It could be for money, for power, convinience, or just because you hate what they do, and what they bring to the world.
I myself don't believe in any god, and I like wars just as much as any strategist. But I know that I would rather not judge a human life, because I believe I have no right to. I cannot say how much I am worth, and I certainly cannot say whether another human being really should die. We are humans, humans make mistakes.

War is always going to happen, it is human nature. War has no honor anymore, with the way people use guns, and long range missles, you are no longer required to meet the enemy face to face, and show them who you really are, a proud representative of your country, that is willing to die for it. War only solves things temporarily, but it only perpetuates itself eventually. Just remember, that war does not prove who is right, war proves who is left.
- "Rescuing" a Contry from another EVIL one (Define 'evil'.. I have no idea..)
- Liberating an entire nation from Tyrani (Like Iraq)
- End to terror.

- Money
- More money
- Oil
- Even more oil
- Power-urge


- Being bored
- Feel like it
Good Reason:

Retaliatory Action against a direct attacker
To aid oppressed people after diplomacy has failed

Bad Reason:

False Information
Dated Information
Lack of Information
Diplomacy has not been tried
Attacking a soverign nation without having full and complete intel and support from allies.


Good Reason: Afghanistan, Somalia, Darfur (Sudan, potential future deployment), Tiawan

Bad Reason: Iraq, Vietnam