what are good and bad reasons to go to war


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on the topic of point less wars the topic of whats a reaon to go to war so i would like to know what people think on just that topic :D
Well im honestly not a good person to ask this question to cause technically im a "War Hawk" Which is a person who wants to go to war for anything. But honestly I think a country or group of people has a right to go to war if they are attacked or invaded of course. A example would be USA in WWII at Pearl Harbor, or more recently us attacking Afghanistan after 9/11. Togo to war just for more money or to gain more land I do not really think is a good reason. There has to be a good reason, so to sum it up. If hurt happens to a country, then that country has a right to strike back.
The top reason for war in my opinion: defense of the realm. Preventing agression by an outside state or country to your country.

Its often been said that "Violence never solved anything". Thats not true. Violence has resolved quite a few things in world history...maybe not to one parties satisfaction vs the other, but it does work.

Anyone ever see the shrirt that says-

Except for ending Slavery, Facism, Naziam, and Communism,


I think Imperialism is a good reason to go to war. ;)
Good reasons: An attack on your own or an ally's soil.
That's it. Any other reason is aggression.

Peacekeeping missions are a different horse. Those should be fought to stabilize a situation which could escalate in to war, but should ALWAYS be international in nature, to forestall accusations of undue aggression.
Re: i agree

goaliedude66630 said:
if some one killed my best friend i would have to kill them or die trying same thing if i got killed
I don't think the world is that black 'n white...
To me it would depend on how, why and by whom he was killed.
Marksman said:
Well 1217 i think that it depends the most of how close that someone was 8)
I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean how close a friend my friend is, or how much I'd have to travel to catch the 'killer'
I'd say the first one is obvious, we were talking about a best friend, the second one is not really a big consideration for me.
Okay people: lets try to :eek:fftopic: get back on topic, which are good or wrong reasons for war.

Remember, sometimes PMs are the way to go with what might be individual disagreements. :D
alex wrote: Good or bad?

It just depends on where one stands...

-dumped seeking revenge
-betrayed seeking revenge
-in love seeking possession
-horny seeking action
-misogynist seeking domination

..... :lol: