Wesly Clark For President 2004


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I guess it's about to be official, Former NATO Supreme Commander Wesly Clark, and anylyst for CNN is aligning himself as a Democrat and challenging Bush in 2004. What do you think about him or his chances?
Hm, it's hard to guess his chances when I don't know who he is running against.. (Except bush).
But he's highly educated (both in the military and civilian life), has 34 years of military service and rose to the rank of 4-star general, so he should know a great deal about both foreign and domestic politics.
And I think he did a good job as commander of Operation Allied Force in Kosovo.

So if I would have to choose between Bush and him, I'd definatelly give him my vote!
Heres the thing, just because he was a critic of the war in Iraq doesn't make him a great guy. I really havnt known him to discuss many of the other social and fiscal issues, so until then, I have to stick with Bush becuase of his national stances.
The reason why I would have voted for Clark isn't because his critic of the Iraq war. (I really didn't know that)
It's just because I presume that with his military and civilian education and his different military commands should know a great deal about foreign politics.
This is something that I think it's very important for a US president to know lots about, because his decisions do more and more affect the whole world.
I don’t say that Bush doesn’t know much about it, but its Clarks military experience that makes me vote for him, with 34-years of military experience and being a 4-star general he must be a great guy!… 8) :D

But I really do not know much about Clark’s political views, so I would like to learn more about that subject.
Exactly Redleg, I feel the same way, btw, the guy one two silver stars and a purple heart in Vietnam.

And although Bush didn't ever serve in combat per say, he was a hurrican chaser in the Air National Gaurd for a while, a Lt. Colnol, I think, although Im not sure.

I think he has an ok chance. He might not be good at economics right now but we need to focus on iraq and operation enduring freedom. :(
new to the board.. anyways..

i think he would do a great job and not to make anybody feel bad but the next election is going to be about how can best handle the war on T and i think a former 4 star general will do a better job than Pres Bush dont want to get into to much an argument but mr. clark would be able to make better military decisions under presure than bush can i know the advisers would help but its in the end the pres decision
With all dou respect Shobah, if Clarke had run the war on terror he would of exhausted all are cruise missle arsenal preping Afgahnistan for invasion, bombed every last remote villige he could find, and when half the population was dead he would finally insert ground troops, while bin Laden had hobbled his way clear into Iran.
That or Pakistan, the point being Clarke would have run a potracted bombing and land campaign that wouldn't have been as effective or casualty-free as the SF plan Rumsfeld had laid out.
what makes you think that Clark would have not made a qick attack? what makes you think that he would do a worse job them Pres. Bush and the team?

why are we even having this thread as long as your converitive and im liberal we wont agree because we dont feel the same on these things nothing you say will change my mind and nothing i say will change yours
It has nothing to do with politics, to think so is sterotypical and ludicris. You musn't be so familier with Clarke's record. In the Balkans it he nearly depeleted US smart weapos assets by waging a 90 day war only by air, in which a number of objectives wern't met, and atocities were still being commited. He is highly conventional, unlike Bush and Rumsfeld who vied against Tommy Franks in using Conventional forces to take down the Taliban. In the war on terror, conventional forces just won't cut it, and as good as a stratigest Clarke may be, I highly doubt he would of dealt with Afgahnistan as efficiently as the Bush team.

Im not nearly as conservative as most people think btw, I opposed the war in Iraq. As far as Im concerned this discussion is not of politics, but of the carrer of Wesly Clarke.
All I know is Clark doesn't stand a chance. The Dems are running a bigger circus than California. They have like twelve different candidates and the support for each one is fairly evenly spread. If any one of the candidates are given the official spot there will be many other democrats that dislike the candidate enough to vote Bush. Bush will win this election by a landslide.