Web cadet corps

I know this is bringing back a really old thread, but I found it on google by accident, and thought I would bring it back to life. When this thread died off, the Web Cadet Corps was several years younger, and was before a major improvement was brought to corps called MyWCC.

Now some people have posted about issues with Recruit Training, I am happy to say that the New Entry Training process is now much quicker, and turnaround from when you apply and when you are placed in a unit is only a couple days maximum, sometimes even quicker :santam16:

Back when the people above me were posting, the corps wasn't quite as technologically advanced, the majority of the site is completely automated using a program called MyWCC where all cadets log into the site, and we have also expanded what the WCC is all about, offering alot more programs than back then.

Anybody interested in joining, can sign up by going to http://www.webcadets.com/join.php

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me in this thread or directly via email at command@navy.webcadets.com.

Yours Aye,

LtCdr(WCCN) Jason Olson, NC
Commanding Officer
Training Ship Phoenix, Web Cadet Corps