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England Expects (RAF Cdt) said:
I've joined the WCC but I am unable to find an honorary member of the marines section fo my first recruit test, can anyone help?

HAHA, I am an honorary member. But for the CG.
CPO1(CG)Retd' Matt Sallenbach
when do they confirm you, with an email, and also I would like to be a part of the justice department.

Can't find the the Cadet World Screen name and how many units are there?
I joined the WCC back in may. I'm an LC in Langcaster Sqn. Anyone else who joins, say Trevor Perry recommended you. Damn it i need that recruitment medal!!
Time said:
when do they confirm you, with an email, and also I would like to be a part of the justice department.

Can't find the the Cadet World Screen name and how many units are there?

You have to be a certain rank to be on departmental duties.


1. You apply, you get your application thru email, send it back. (THIS TAKES TIME!)

2. Once you've been accepted, you will take another test. THis is RECRUIT TRAINING.

3. Once you've past out of recruit training, you will be placed in a unit of your choice (Army, Navy, Airforce, Coastguard or Marines.)

4. Now that you've been placed in the unit of your choice, you are an ORDINARY CADET or equivilant. Once you're at this stage, you can take TRADE AND QUAL TESTS. These are tests that you can take on different subjects for trade and qualification levels.

5. Take a look at the promotion requirements. Once you've been a certain rank long enough, you can take the rank test for your next rank.

5. **** of the Walk (COTW) is a contest between flights/platoons/divisions to decide who is the best in a unit. Points are given for every trade test, promotion, medal recieved etc by a cadet.

6. When you're a Leading Cadet/Trooper/Leading Seaman/Private 1st Class, you have the option of applying for NCO COLLEGE (NCOC) YOu Need NCOC to become an NCO and move to at least a JCpl or equivilant.

Once you've reached an NCO, if you play your cards right, you can get a departmental dutie (i.e. public relations, admin, justic, NCOC instructor etc)
I'm in now for a couple of days, too.

Already got my level 1 Computer Trade and I just sent my Pte(A) rank test :D :D 8) 8)
Bootboy82 said:
I'm a RASS Private now! *throwing confetti*

Congrats I am a 1st Marine Company Sgt right now but am former RASS Master Warrant Officer and the Regimental Sergeant Major before they chenged it to Company Sergeant Major
Jeff said:
Everything seems so complicated with that thing.
Welcome to the military...you'll get used the the endless bureaucracy and red tape soon enough.

i just finished my first test in recruit training. its been nearly a week and i have gotten no response. does this mean i failed?
Nope, they would have notified you by email if you failed. The RTDI's are usually very busy. It sometimes takes a while.
So I just signed up... again - and I'm thinkin... more tests???

I'm already facing the Mitchell by May challenge... and passing exams that same week... AHH!
Your RTDI will contact you soon, and give you the recruit training test. Once you pass, you are give the option to join 1 of six sections (Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Space. Once you've done that, you can take trade and qual tests and do all the other stuff that comes along with it.

Join the airforce!
I passed my AF entrence test, and sort of off topic, but I passed my Civil Air Patrol PT,Aerospace, and Doolitle in one friggin' day! soon to be C/SMSgt! Tommorow? or maybe in a week?