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I know its been covered all ready but to recap...

What weapons are you trained on??

Il get the ball rolling.

Steyr 5.56
Bren LMG
81mm Mortar
F1 Grenade
Crosman Air Rifle
Bo Staff (I think it's obvious I take Martial arts)
Double Broadswords
Steel Whip

And I've shot a Glock 9mm at a shooting range :D
Most of mine are in my signature...but I'll say them all again.

M16: SPR variant
Plus the usual assortment of crappy .22 bolt-actions, etc.
Colt M16A2
Colt M4 Carbine
Colt AR-15A3
More AR-15 series rifles.
FN Fal
Mauser 98
Mosin Nagant
Lee Enfield
Beretta M9/92FS
Glock 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, & 36
H&K 91
H&K USP, Mark 23, and USP Compact
Ruger M77
Ruger 10/22
Ruger MkII
Remington 870
Mossberg 500
Marlin 1895
Winchester Model 70
Remington 700
Winchester 1894
New England Pander
Marlin Glenfield Model 20
Browning M2 Machine Gun
Walther P-38
Walther PPK
Walther PP
Nagant 1895 Revovler
Smith & Wesson Revolvers (To many to list)
FN M240 Gulf
FN P90
Ruger P95
M1 carbine
M1 Garand
1903A3 Springfield
M1917 Enfield
Browning Auto Five
Kel-Tec P32
Colt Single Action Army
Brown Bess
Bennille Nova
Bennille M1 Super 90
SKB 2000
SVT 40
M1A Socom 16
CZ 99
Walther/S&W 99
Colt 1911A1
FN Five-seveN
FN Forty-Nine
CZ52 (Both Rifle and Pistol)
And a bunch load more guns

That's why i work at a gun store.

Oh before I forget I also playe with a Stg-44 and Glock's Prototype Carbine :D
gosh dang man, I did get to shoot a colt peace-maker not to long ago that was pretty good.
So far i trained myself with these firearms

Mosin nagants
Lee Enfields
.22 rifles
Air rifles

I cant wait to learn the full auto stuff when in the army.
The Sten Gun
The Stirling
The Bren Gun
The Vickers
The Lewis
LeEnfiels .303, both long and short
Browning Pistol
Enrga Anti Tank Grenade
3.5 Rocket Launcher
105mm Recoilless Rifle
.5 Machine Gun
SA80 Mk1
SA80 Mk2
General Purpose Machine Gun
The Luger
Also a number of other weapons whose names now fail me as they were not standard issue in the British Army but were from Eastern European countries and we would collect them from the Battlefields
The MP44 didn't kick one bit. It's alot like shooting a AK-47.
The Mauser cartridge is a 7.92X57mm round.
The MP44 cartridge is a 7.92X33mm round.

Less powder so less kick. It was a fun rifle to shoot. Those crazy germans sure know a good idea when they get one.

And the Brown Bess kicks like a mule. I tried the Buck and Ball combo. 110 grains of powder, followed by paper patch, then the .75 Caliber ball, then three .45 caliber balls. It kicks like a mule and it's about as accurate as a shotgun. No wonder why they get into pretty lines and than shoot at one another from a distant of 30 feet.
SA 80 Mk 1 & 2
Browning 9mm
66mm LAW
94mm LAW
7.62mm Chain Gun
51mm Mortar
AK 47
SiG 60
Riot gun

The MILAN was amazing, took my breath away the first time.
Has anyone ever, ever had a buttstock slipping due to massive recoil and hitting them in the nose? a couple of days ago my mosin carbine gave me one hell of a blood nose when kneeling. It hard to keep that rifle straight i tell you.
I cant wait to learn the full auto stuff when in the army.

Eh, nothing to get too excited about. You'll fiind that it'll be pretty rare that you just blat away with the f88 or f89. You'll mainly be asked to fire 2-3 round controlled bursts. When you get to do yippie shoots though the burn of the excess ammo at the end of an ex you can go nuts (within limits of course).

As for getting hit with the butt of the rifle: No.
The F88 scope: Yes (Damn LF4)
While i was in the German Army (Bundeswehr ) :salute2: :

Machine Gun :biggun: :

MG 3

Rifle :m16shoot: :

G 3
G 36

Submachine Gun :9mm: :


Pistol :2guns: :


:salute: JOKER
I want a MG3 but the BATF (Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) has made it illegal to important any firearm part kits after 8-5-2005. It's in my opinion the perfect GPMG. It works and it fires the 7.62X51mm cartridge.

The only thing better than the MG3 is best firearm made by God...err...John Browning.
This is part of my collection...




The last one is me at work. More pictures to come soon.