War protester Cindy Sheehan's book being released Wednesday


War protester Cindy Sheehan's book being released Wednesday


FORT WORTH, Texas Activist Cindy Sheehan's journal entries are being published in a new book called "Not One More Mother's Child" that's set to be released Wednesday.

Sheehan camped out near President Bush's Crawford ranch in August, refusing to leave until the president met with her or ended his ranch vacation.

Her 24-year-old soldier son Casey died in Iraq last year.

In one chapter, she chronicles the daily events of the 26-day protest, such as being bombarded with media interviews, the campsite wedding of two peace activists and visits from Martin Sheen, Joan Baez and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Sheehan says the book is based on writings she made each night, after she slipped away to her tent or RV for a few quiet moments on her laptop.

The 15 dollar paperback also contains some of her speeches to peace groups earlier this year, letters to politicians and new writings since leaving Crawford.

The publisher says Sheehan was paid a "modest" advance for the book.

The White House did not return calls seeking comment about the book.

no she should get a wake up call,
"for all the free people that still protest.
your welcome we protect you and your protected by the best.
your voice is strong and loud but who will fight for you?
no one standing in your crowd.
we are your fathers,brothers,and sons.
we wear the boots and carry the guns.
we are the ones that leave all we own.
to make sure your future is carved in stone.
we are the ones who fight and die.
we might not be able to save the world but at least we try.
we walked the paths to where we're at.
and we want no choice other than that.
so when you rally your groups and complain.
take a look in the back of your brain.
iin order for that flag you love to fly.
wars must be fought and men must die.
we came here to fight for the ones we hold dear.
if thats not respected, we'd rather stay here.
so please stop yelling and put down your signs.
and pray for those behind enemy lines.
when the conflict is over and all is well.
be thankful we chose to go through this hell."
-a U.S. soldier.-
Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan waits for people to show up at her book signing (with the picture)

YahooNews/AP ^ | 11-26-05



Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan waits for people to show up at her book signing near President Bush's ranch on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 in Crawford, Texas.


I want my attention back....
She even gets media attention overhere, but what is her point besides the death of her son? I heard that she reckons she has got a worthy opinion on all matters nowadays..... Imo she has the right to be critical about the conflict in Iraq and the demise of het son..... but she should stick to that. Shouting things you know little about makes a fool of you and ruins the only good point you were trying to make. We have seen that before and we will after her.....
Not an international best seller in my opinion, but if I come across it I might check it out - just out of my curiosity to see what her stand is and if her writings makes any valid sense.
She's a communist anti-American, not just anti-war activist, who uses the death of her brave son as political capital, that's all she is... Oh, and a :cen: .

Don't believe me, Google "Sheehan" and "Communist", if you've never heard her speeches and protests before.
Sadist Dream said:
She's a communist anti-American, not just anti-war activist...

Yay! Let's all discredit people we don't like by calling them things we don't like. That'll save us the trouble of bringing up valid arguments.
Yes,I know her as commy&anti americanist.
Of course, commy&anti japanist are here.
She is supported by International ANSWER UNION.
This is part of WWP. (Workr's World Party=WWP)
WWP is worshiping Castro& Kim Jong Il.
She should not make people puzzled by such a way though I sympathize with her circumstances.

Are liberalists really liberal?
Mohmar Deathstrike said:
Sadist Dream said:
She's a communist anti-American, not just anti-war activist...

Yay! Let's all discredit people we don't like by calling them things we don't like. That'll save us the trouble of bringing up valid arguments.
I don't need to discredit her, she does a much more effective job than I could on her own everytime she opens her mouth.

Also, I stated facts, not opinion.
Can somebody explain to me why she is a communist. Is it her intention to de-privatize all institutions and profide people with a job and house via the state? Does she want to re-structure the economy by emhasizing on 5 year plans?.... what makes her a commie all of a sudden. (Be gentle I'm not well informed, but I just can't see the relation. And be honest; calling a war bad doesn't make you a commie overnight.)
Holy Cow. I agree with teddy the reddy (keeps getting better dont it :lol: ) Just cause she doesnt agree with the war in Iraq and voicers her opinions loudly and idiotically automatically makes her a communist. I have never heard anything about her being a communist but would be intersted if you could provide some sources.
I can respect giving her the benefit of doubt, I did myself at one time. But the Workers World Party, who's founder Sam Marcy is an avowed Marxist (http://www.workers.org/marcy/cd/), is currently the most active Communist group in the United States, in its own name and through its subsidiaries International ANSWER and the International Action Center, which is headed by former attorney general Ramsey Clark. Cindy Sheehan's association with these Communists is no fluke. They are among her most fervent supporters or, perhaps, manipulators.

What makes these associations doubly sick is that the International Action Center, International ANSWER and the Workers World Party were, prior to the Iraq war, staunch supporters of Saddam Hussein and his Baath regime. Also, who recently volunteered to represent Saddam Hussein in Iraqi court? Ramsey Clark. Coincidence? Coincidence that these people oppose a war against a regime that they and their ilk supported? I think not.

Cindy Sheehan has staunchly aligned herself with the enemies of her country, even with those who killed her own son ("freedom fighters," as she calls them). She has gone even beyond that perverse outrage: she has sought out and lent support to the very most extreme, twisted, hateful remnants of the Communist movement.

Just visit some of these organization's websites. They mask their agenda well, but not well enough.

I don't suffer from McCarthyism, I, however, do know a Communist and a traitor when I see one.

Just remember, one can be a traitor in thought, word, or deed.
Well Rabs, I guess you ans I have learned something again? Ain't life grand at times....
To bad though, I think that a "conscience" on a war is always good as to keep things in perspective. Her asking questions could have been fruitfull. Now it has descended into an orinairy ego-show, using the lost life of her son to back up her claim..... sad, very sad to say the least!