View of Brits

Errr, for clarity, nobody said "amazing" rather "amusing" was used. Two different words! Anywho, go ahead..... post the opinions of other countries, I wanna hear :p
lol, actually I'm not British! I can see how you thought so, though, because my upper post made it seem so. I'm a yankee.

And yes, sence they're so closely tied to US, is it any wonder they keep jumping in bed w/ us? :p
The most interesting thing about the UK in my opinion: They are the old World's Policeman. The US has become the new World's Policeman. Many mistake the UK for being America's tag-along, but if they had the military supremacy they once had and the United States didn't exist, they likely would do exactly the same things they do now.
My unit once partied with a unit from the British Army.

Boy, those guys can party.

They filled a bulldozer scooper full of beer for us to party with. I'd fight next to those lads any day.