Vietnam Vets?


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Are there any Vietnam vets in here. I have a real interest in the vietnam war and that time period. Not to mention a lot of respect for anyone who served in that war.
Not was a generation before my time. Many of my positive male role-models while I was growing up had served in Viet Nam, however: my father, my Scoutmaster, my faculty advisor in high school, my Boot Camp drill instructor...
Not me.. Too Young for that ;)

But my father was in the Marines from 1960-1984 and he retired at E-8(Master Sergeant)

He was wounded 2 times in Vietnam, and he also was awarded the Silver Star, and Bronze Star.

I'm proud of him and all Vietnam vets.. You guys did a great job.. And I'm proud to shake the hand of any Vietnam vet.
USMC Johnny, maybe your Dad and I crossed paths at some point? Who knows? I got nicked up a few times myself over there.
You got nicked a few times as well??

Wow, my dad told me everyone got hit over there..

You were in from 1970-1971 correct?? What unit were you in??
Just a little before my tour but I may have been in some of the same areas as he was.
What a question to ask Devil_Dog. Do you think things like that really happened? I wish I could say that they didn't happen. I'd like to say that Americans never treaed fellow Americans like that but I can't. I can honestly say I was never called a fascist. I was, however called many other names including baby killer and yes I was spit upon.
Johnny as to what unit I was with, I served with 2 units the 23rd and 4th Infantry Divisions.
Yes they were spat upon.

My father said when he came back from his first tour in 1966, people were ok with the war and everything.

After his second tour(1967) and third tour(1968) people just started acting like idiots. The protest made them feel powerful, and they got bold.

Dad told me this one hypy ******* came up to his face and yelled "Baby Killer, Evil Man, Anti This and that." which was brave and stupid at the same time.. You don't go up to a Marine Staff Sergeant and say that..

Dad told me, they were treated like crap, there was no respect for them..

Thank God, I was a solider when the country actually liked us.

I would have never been able to take the crap my father and DTop had to deal with.
Oh yes you would have Johnny. I'm sure you would have done just as we did. You would have found the strength to pity them for their stupid actions. Funny thing about those brave people, when there was more than one of us, they never said a word.
Your Dad is right, there was no respect whatsoever and it wasn't pleasant.
Dtop your're right.

It is amazing how "loud" "powerful" these protestors are. But when there is one person(like you said) they don't have 2 cents to say.

It is amazing how they see the world, Do you remember last week when President Bush went to Italy to greet the PM of Italy?? There were several "large" protests planned, after the fact. The protestors said that there were 150,000 people at the protests, when in fact there were only about 25,000. They inflate their numbers to make there case legit.

The way I see protestors, is they have no real job, no plot in life. Their view is "Free Love and Sex to everyone". And I had to be the one to break the news to them.. The world isn't all shits and giggles, it is a rough evil place.

And we military personal have to protect it and them(even if we don't like what they have to say)
USMC Johnny said:
Their view is "Free Love and Sex to everyone".

I can't say that I wouldn't mind some of that Free Love and Sex for myself. But I wonder how the protesters think that such a world could possibly come about without people like us to make it so. After all, non-violent protest only works if the people against which you are protesting really care about your well-being.
Really? You've been spat upon as well.

What are these people thinking? I mean we are trained soliders, do they really have any common sense, if we wanted to we could give them such an ass kicking that they could tell their grandkids about....

But we are better than that... I wouldn't do that, god knows I wanted to.

I really think they believe that we are in the military cause we want to take over the world... And you got all the protestors than are saying we only kill people and do no good whatsoever.

I did good, and I know it.. I fed Afghan childern, I helped build houses, I personally blew up 10,000lbs of landmines that could have harmed people. But soliders are all bad...

Sorry Guys, just needed to rant for awhile....
well the college I go to, the majority is very liberal. Most of these kids are protesting because it's the cool thing to do right now..
Yeah I'm lucky in that aspect. I go to the University of Mississippi, we are a pretty conservative school.

Before I came to U of Miss, I was at the University of Florida in Gainesville(that school is the most liberal one in the entire southeast) I called it the Berkely of the South..

Funny how these kids get everything paid for and feel so free to yell at the goverment and soliders. When most of them haven't worked a day in their life.
Pogue, let me clue you in on something. That's exactly what they were doing when I was in college (UMass). They were like sheep following their blind liberal instructors who had no sense of real life, who never struggled a day in their sheltered little ivory towers. These instructors were people who for the most part were recent students themselves who received their degrees and went on to teach without ever leaving academia. The monotonous diatribe gets drummed into the students and they don't have the common sense or wherewithal to make up their own minds. So instead their minds are made up for them and they blindly follow along. They just love to be on the bashing Bush bandwagon. It wouldn't really matter who was the president or what party he was affiliated with. I've seen them do it to Pres. Johnson (D) and Richard Nixon (R). They'd still be out their anti-whomever signs, they are just plain anti-establishment. For the most part it's not their sons or brothers risking their lives over there. You got it right, it's just the thing to do these days and that's all it means to them.